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It's so empowering how she had a will to live. I think I would have gone mad being stuck in the annex for so long. You can call it amazing but I don't think the word truly does it justice. She is so amazing, and everyone takes something away from her story. Long may her story be pasted on to the next generations.

Skyler J., 13 - Downingtown - United States - 31 Mar 2013

I read the diary many years ago and passed it onto a niece when she was about 12. How can one describe this....truly a personal story

violet, scarborough, ontario - Canada - 25 Mar 2013

I have seen many movies, read many books on inspring stories. But nothing like Anne's story.When I read Annes diary it realy hit home maybe it is because she looks VERY much like my own daughter, so I knew I had to visit the location of such adversity and see it for myself.Today I got that chance. I left with conflicting felelings. Sadness and anger that this was allowed to happen to such brave and beautyful young girl also happyness that I have my own brave and beautyful young girl to tresure.Anne Frank may your story live for ever.

Colin Codd, 41 - Klikenny - Ireland - 23 Mar 2013

I think that that the movie was a great movie and it was awesome too but it was also really sad because they all died. when anne frank didn't want to share her room with the new guy, That is what i always do to my brother at home i push him out because he is annoying. What I found suprising about the story is that it took two years before they got cought and that is two long at war. I would like to read the book for this movie because i really liked it.

AverlynBrowne79@Yahoo.comk, 13 - phoenixville - United States - 22 Mar 2013

I am very attached to Anne Frank after reading her diary. She was a very brave girl and she has inspired me to be myself. It is heartbreaking to see such a strong, young girl have to suffer through hiding in the Secret Annex and then live in a Concentration Camp. I have found many similarities between Anne and myself. I think that that is why I am connected to her. I was very sad to know that she and 6 other Secret Annex members died in a Concentration camp. I am glad that her dream did come true, even though she wasn't able to see it happen. She would have made a wonderful journalist.

Miranda Reisch, 13 - United States - 21 Mar 2013

Anne Frank is so inspiring. I feel like I really know her since I read her diary. She is brave, bold, and smart! Also beautiful!

Melissa, 12 - Alabama - United States - 20 Mar 2013