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Anne Frank amazes me about how positive she was even though in doubt.The young lady has inspired and lectured many about the experiences throughout the holocaust.The diary itself from Anne held quite a jumble of knowledge about her life and others with them.The diary itself has one-hundred percent historical accuracy between all the other historical non-fiction genre.I would say this diary is 11/10.the diary is a masterpiece in all or in other words a jewel of the rubble...

Roger, 13 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

Anne was a very nice and kind person who loved to talk and write.

Dominic, 15 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

Anne Frank's diary is really inspiring.

Marco Rodriguez, 14 - San antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

what a hand trembling time to be a jew

David Ziegler, 13 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

Anne Fanks Diary is beautiful because it really shows me that I cant take everything for granit.

Gregory, 14 - Helotes - United Kingdom - 2 Mar 2017

Anne Frank is a good lesson on us taking everything for granted. She teaches us that everything we have is a blessing, and not a given.

Ethan Clark, 14 - Helotes - United States - 2 Mar 2017