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Anne Frank's dairy is inspirational. Her story of how she went in hiding shows us her courage,bravery, and strong will.

Gabriella Stewart, 13 - Helotes - United States - 2 Mar 2017

I believe the diary is a narrative thats very long and its written by Ann Frank

Kyla, 13 - San Antino - United States - 2 Mar 2017

Anne Franks diary is so crazy.Its a grown situation that most adults cant even imagine.Yet its all told in a young girls diary .

nayahna, 14 - san antonio - United Kingdom - 2 Mar 2017

It is sad that regular people had to live in a small annex for 2 years just so they wouldn't be killed in the death camps. Unfortunley everyone died but at least Mr.Frank lived and found Anne franks diary.

Cedric Carrr, 14 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

You are an inspiration to everyone..... and your Diary is so interesting and informational I can't stop reading it.

Sofia Feinstein, 13 - Mico - United States - 2 Mar 2017

Dear Anne Frank, i have read your book and watched your movie i think they were great and i would love to learn more about you. you were such a hero for many people also it was great how you found the best of everything.

Unknown?, Earth - Germany - 2 Mar 2017