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I remember in public school our teacher reading us Anne Frank's diary. I remember how sad I was that anyone would live in a time with such evil and horror. I recently visited Amsterdam and was moved by visiting where she lived. She has touched so many!!

Kimberly Phinney, 45 - Mississauga - Canada - 26 Feb 2013

Every corner one turns in this house takes one through an emotional journey, that one will never forget. Thank you!!!

Gustavo Taranto, 49 - Tobyhanna - United States - 24 Feb 2013

I had tears in my eyes. It was so moving, I remember the first time I learnt about Anne when I was a child.

Philippa Shanahan, 49 - Exminster Exeter - United Kingdom - 20 Feb 2013

I would have to say that I was overcome with grieve that this young lady and her family had in endure so much just because they were Jews. She inspired me by the way she handled everything. How she kept everything in her diary. God Bless this young girl.

Kimberly Boyd, 40 - Nova Scotia - Canada - 13 Feb 2013

reading all the the Franks, Van Pels, and many others went through is very hearbreaking. im flabbergasted thinking about being in this time era. perhaps one of MY best friends would be taken to a concentration camp. the story behind each of these folks is truly horrific and dignifying.the Holocaust, the people, the stories, the Nazis, the concentration camps, is all a horrific story yet will never be forgotten.

Kristen Richards, 13 - California - United States - 9 Feb 2013

she was a brave gril !!!!!!!!!!!!!

carlos, 18 - bloomington - United States - 8 Feb 2013