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I would just like to say that Anne Frank without a doubt has truly inspired me 100%. For a young girl herself to be in that position. She is now popular in all different countries.

Olivia, 17 - United Kingdom - 8 Feb 2013

learning this is class

Erin, 13 - United States - 8 Feb 2013

Her diary is inspirational- the courage and bravery it must have taken to stay hidden for so long is amazing. How could anybody be so cruel as to drag the life and ambitions away from such a young person? At least her wish to be a writer came true...even if it took so long.

Olivia, 13 - United Kingdom - 16 Jan 2013

i think Anne Frank was a brave young woman who should never be forgotten. the courage it took for her and her family to hide away for 2 years during that horrid event took place. i applaud them. Mrs. Frank you are one to remember and i for one will pass on your story until mine ends. thank you dear girl thank you

kori, 16 - fortworth - United States - 14 Jan 2013

I visited The Annex 27 years ago and til this day have vivid memories. Thank you for this site...I will pass it along to my daughters.God Bless.

Erin Regan, 47 - Solon - United States - 12 Jan 2013

At school were learning about Anne Frank and the Holocaust it is very inspirational it makes you look back on anyone you've ever judged or hurt and think twice before you do it again

Jazmine Anderson, 12 - pikesville - United States - 11 Jan 2013