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I have read her diary and it has truly touched my heart. It is very interesting because she is so brutally honest. I hope that one day, I can have a chance to visit "The Secret Annexe" and see where Anne Frank lives and go beyond the online tour

Taylor, 12 - HAyward - United States - 10 Jan 2013

The story of Anne Frank, because of its power and universitality, will be popular for a long time.

Clive , United Kingdom - 9 Jan 2013

anne franks story is inspiring.

joe, United Kingdom - 8 Jan 2013

The story of Anna Frank is heart moving and breath taking. I am in possetion of a book about her.Time and again I keep re-reading the book because through it I have come to learn tolerance and I always pray that a chapter like that the Second World War must never be repeated in the history of mankind.Anne story reminds me of the time of our Liberation Struggle here in Namibia,where many lives of innocent people were lost,be it in the battlefronts,prisons, exiles etc.It reminds me the time I went to prison at the age of fifteen-I was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison because of the assistance I rendered to freedom fighters.Like Anne's friend Hanna, I was only released after the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 435,which paved the way for my country's independence in 1990.

Sakaria Namwandi, 44 - Ongwediva - Namibia - 8 Jan 2013

I think this a horrible story, but it is an inspirational story that needs to be spread around the world.

Killcen Taylor, Sandy - United States - 8 Jan 2013

I loved her diary. It was innocent, touching, and breathtaking. In every book you get attached to the characters; the same thing happened for me, accept they weren't characters. They were real people. Tears begin to pour as I think of all of them. Well, I'm very happy that at least Mr. Frank made it through. :) Thank you Anne for changing the way I see things. You will never be forgotten.

Sam T, Berwyn - United States - 7 Jan 2013