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I am putting on a play of Anne Frank and I am reading her diary, Anne was such an inspirational person. I do not know how I can put everything you went through across, Anne has touched the lives of many, I only wish she could be here today.

Lucy, 12 - B-o-C - United Kingdom - 13 Dec 2012

Thank you for this wonderful site. I am sharing it with my students. I was fortunate enough to get to visit the Anne Frank hiding spot a few years back. So glad to share this with my students so that they know that this horrible incident really happened.

Cindy, 47 - Steelville - United States - 12 Dec 2012

though anne frank was pretty awsome4 and saved the lifes of many and all there is still more we can do to help the world go round.

Breanna White, 14 - paoli indiana - United States - 4 Dec 2012

Anne Frank was a courageous young girl who never had the chance to for fill her heart with her desired dreams of becoming a writer. But her death is not in vain, as so much good has come from little Anne! Her diary is one of great inspiration to my art form so I have been working on a series of pictures that I hope to share in the coming future. Yes Anne your blue sky still surrounds us all! Cheers to Anne:)

Patrick Carey, 52 - Melbourne - Australia - 4 Dec 2012

I read the diary when I was 14, This week I went to Amesterdam, and visited the house...I was overwhelming. Thank you for your work.

Liliana Costa, 39 - Santarém - Portugal - 3 Dec 2012

I just had the opportunity to teach this to my 7th grade students. This book touched each and every one of them and has truly expanded their world view. On the day we finished the novel, students wiped tears from their eyes as they asked me "How do we make sure this never happens again?'" In that way, Anne Frank is living on, all the way around the world. Thank you for providing the awesome resources and support!

Aubrey Kennedy, 25 - Overland Park - United States - 27 Nov 2012