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My wife and I visited the House 2 days ago , and we both agreed that the visiting the house was a very atmospheric and emotional experience. At the end we left ,feeling both sad and inspired. We are both of an age where we already knew the story of Anne's life and the simple ,beautiful thoughts she put into words. Her caring nature was in stark contrast to the evil forces at work in Europe at that time and are still as relevant today. The House is a monument and a reminder to us all to be vigilant and steady in our opposition to racism and intolerance in any form.

David Cowan, 59 - Glasgow - United Kingdom - 4 Sep 2012

I would love for one day to actually visit the house where Anne Frank was in hiding with her family, and all her beautiful thoughts that kept her sane and together. For a girl so very young she is a great inspiration to all of us and a big lesson to humanity. Bless you Anne Frank forever!

Patrick Carey, 52 - Altona North - Australia - 4 Sep 2012

Ik hou van de manier waarop het museum opgericht. Het verhaal over Anne maakte me aan het denken over mijn leven. Ik dank u Anne Frank je hielp me ziet de echte ik

Annie , 13 - Washington D.C. - United States - 18 Aug 2012

I began writing in my own diary when I was eight years old. When I heard about Anne Frank's story I was inspired to continue and I've kept one ever since. She's been my biggest inspiration for keeping one thus far.

Grace Anne , United Kingdom - 17 Aug 2012

Inspiring. : )

Joanne Bloomfield, 45 - Port Jefferson - United States - 16 Aug 2012

I have been staring at my computer screen wondering what to write about this amazing young lady . All I can write is Anne will never be forgot , she will live on through her diary , because as Anne wrote in her diary " I want to go on living even after my death!" well all I can say is she certainly has !

M.B, 13 - United Kingdom - 9 Aug 2012