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I first read Anne's diary when I was 13. She inspired a lifelong thirst to know more about the Holocaust. I know racial discrimination exists, but the Holocaust was different, with it's gas chambers, death camps, and so on. I have become a student of the Holocaust with a deep and profound respect and love for Jews, and for those that died during it. Anne is the poster child for the Holocaust and must never be forgotten. Her memory endures...even though they killed her, they could not wipe her from our memory.

Stacey David, 39 - Cape Town - South Africa - 4 Aug 2012

A sad and tragic story. Anne Frank will be an inspiration to young and old alike. A great heroine, indeed !

Basil McCormick, 52 - Toronto, Ontario - Canada - 29 Jul 2012

We visited Anne Frank's House during a recent visit to Amsterdam. It was a very 'emotive' experience. I knew the story well and have read her diary, but nothing compares to the sad emotional experience felt inside the annex, their was a distinct temperature drop and profound sense of sadness. The simplicity of the displays and words were very touching

ANNE COOPER, 51 - York - United Kingdom - 22 Jul 2012

waited for 1 1/2 hr in pouring rain to visit the Frank house, and every minute was worth it. It is wonderful the long wait lines mean the tragedy is still in people's minds. Never to happen again!

Gary, 62 - Aurora, OH - United States - 22 Jul 2012

The story of Anne Frank is very touching. She is very inspiring and one of my biggest heros and role models! She's always optimistic, and has great insight. Thank you, Anne!

Lauren, United Kingdom - 15 Jul 2012

i read Anne Frank's diary,and it's like being in the museum itself! what a vivid reminder of the holocaust!

Rabab, 10 - karachi - Pakistan - 7 Jul 2012