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Words will never be able to describe how much Anne Frank has inspired me. She is such a wonderful person, and I look up to her everyday. I have seen all of her movies and I have read many versions of her diary, and it breaks my heart every time knowing the kind of pain she went through while in the horrible camps. I love how I can relate to her to the fullest extent, and it is such a blessing. I am also a young writer, and I express my feelings through writing, just as Anne did. Anne Frank, you are truly a hero and so very inspirational. I send lots of love to you and your wonderful family, up in Heaven. God bless you forever and always. I love you.

Ashley, 16 - United States - 22 Nov 2012

Thanks to my schoolmate who let me borrow his paperback version of the novel,,if not because of him,I woudn't be able to know who is Anne Frank really was.It was the best novel that I've ever read in y entire life.Also thanks to this site,I can express my heart's overwhelming emotion regarding Anne's life.

zarlyn joy delmo, 16 - cabuyao,laguna - Philippines - 21 Nov 2012

It is fantastic to see people still spreading Anne's message to the world. I have read the diary several times and it still moves me to tears. I appreciate the sacredness of life and equality more and more each time i read it. The work the Foundation do is fantastic, how can I become actively involved in it? Also will there be any exhibits coming to Ireland?

Matthew, 20 - Dublin - Ireland - 20 Nov 2012

Just visited Ann franks house it was the most endearing moment I have ever experienced we should all remember the prejudice of the past as the hatred it generated we must all never allow the world to return there ever

Paul dineen, 50 - Exeter - United Kingdom - 20 Nov 2012

I absolutely loved Anne Frank's diary. She is so different to people these days and it is so horrible to see the suffering that the Jews went through- Anne was scared to go outside!

Hadiya, 12 - United Kingdom - 18 Nov 2012

Anne Frank est une source d'inspiration pour moi. J'ai lu le journal quand j'avais neuf ans. Je connais une jeune fille anglaise qui a écrit à la Maison d'Anne Frank le mois dernier. Elle ne doit jamais être oubliera jamais.

Isobel, Paris - France - 17 Nov 2012