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waited for 1 1/2 hr in pouring rain to visit the Frank house, and every minute was worth it. It is wonderful the long wait lines mean the tragedy is still in people's minds. Never to happen again!

Gary, 62 - Aurora, OH - United States - 22 Jul 2012

The story of Anne Frank is very touching. She is very inspiring and one of my biggest heros and role models! She's always optimistic, and has great insight. Thank you, Anne!

Lauren, United Kingdom - 15 Jul 2012

i read Anne Frank's diary,and it's like being in the museum itself! what a vivid reminder of the holocaust!

Rabab, 10 - karachi - Pakistan - 7 Jul 2012

I just finished reading The Diary Of Anne Frank, but what struck me the most was not all the horrors they had to live through, the loss and sadness in their lives, but the incredible talent Anne had. I have no doubt she could have been an amazing author, and that is what shocks me- that the world has been robbed of such an amazing young woman.

Maxine, United Kingdom - 5 Jul 2012

It's hard to think someone so young went through this. A truly touching story...

Judith, Hertfordshire - United Kingdom - 3 Jul 2012

I've just read the book again after many years and it has made me so sad to accept the cruelty that exists in this world. At the same time, I remember how positive Anne was. We have to open our hearts and minds. We have to search within and constantly improve ourselves. Such a beautiful and deep girl who knew more than some of us will ever know! So honest and true to herself...Thank you my dear Anne!

Aruna Patel, 36 - Montreal - Canada - 25 Jun 2012