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Anne Frank’s diary had been in a bookcase in my house for most of my life, although I am a prolific reader, I foolishly never picked up the book until last week. Two of the most powerful books I have ever read are The Pianist and If This is a Man, two similar books, and I thought that there was no way a diary written by a teenage girl could measure up to those masterpieces. How wrong was I! Anne Frank’s diary is quite possibly the best book I have ever read. It is heart wrenchingly sad, yet, Anne’s beauty and goodness leap off every single page. It is a travesty that she never had the opportunity to live, to follow her dreams, and experience a loving relationship. However, she did achieve one important dream, she was much more than the boring housewives that she held in such contempt, she became one of the most important writers of the 20th century, and inspired generations to be more thoughtful, hardworking, and kind – in other words, more like her.

Chris Thomas, 22 - Bournemouth - United Kingdom - 1 Oct 2012

I love Anne Frank! She has inspired me in so many ways that it is hard to put them into words. If everyone in the world was like her, it would be a utopia. Her diary is not only a guide for me, but for many others; young/old, male/female, rich/poor. She was beautiful, charismatic, honest, intelligent, vivacoius, and anything bright. When I read her diary, I find things that I can connect with. As a writer, I gain wisdom as well as inspiration from her. She is the ideal best friend. :) I can not wait to go to Holland and take a tour of the House. If she were still alive, I would die to meet her! I believe she has taught us all a lesson about humanity, ourselves, and that we must never take life for granted. We need to enjoy the most simplest things in life, for you never know when they will be gone.

Madisen Majors, 18 - Fontana - United States - 30 Sep 2012

I love your site. As I'm writing this my grandson is watching the 1953 American version of Anne Frank.

Tim Kasony, 56 - Lawrenceville - United States - 26 Sep 2012

I've just finished reading the diary for the 5th time & I still can't get enough of it!!!! It's so touching. I can easily relate to Anne, especially on page 40 where she talks about missing Moortje. Amazing.

Deyona, 13 - Durban - South Africa - 22 Sep 2012

Hello I found your web site via Google while looking for a similar matter, your web site got here up. It appears good. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks to come back later.

Patty1970, United Kingdom - 6 Sep 2012

My wife and I visited the House 2 days ago , and we both agreed that the visiting the house was a very atmospheric and emotional experience. At the end we left ,feeling both sad and inspired. We are both of an age where we already knew the story of Anne's life and the simple ,beautiful thoughts she put into words. Her caring nature was in stark contrast to the evil forces at work in Europe at that time and are still as relevant today. The House is a monument and a reminder to us all to be vigilant and steady in our opposition to racism and intolerance in any form.

David Cowan, 59 - Glasgow - United Kingdom - 4 Sep 2012