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i loved the anne frank diary, inspired me very much, i loved it since high school in 1980 we read the book as a school assignment in english.

linda pettigrew, 50 - lancaster california - United States - 10 May 2012

we are doing research on the holocaust and anne frank is the biggest topic of it all. we are also reading the book which is very interesting. but we're not very far in the book. but i can here to do research and i think Hermann van Pel died horribly. out of all the ones that were hiding in the Secret Annex. I thank this website for letting me find out more about the holocaust and anne.

kursheena, 14 - Keams Canyon - United States - 9 May 2012

Thank you so very much for the wonderful information available here. I have read the diary several times, and hungered for more. Perhaps the greatest hunger is wondering why and how such a tragedy could happen? (Anne, you do live on, as a great inspritation for many.)

Ann Alonzo, 53 - Fond du Lac, WI - United States - 6 May 2012

The book is Interesting It shows the way they feel,the things they went through.It shows the way they changed in the years that they were there.

arizbeth ruiz, 12 - dallas - United States - 2 May 2012

I would be so crazy about seeing the same people every single day for 2 years. P.S I think it is sad that Anne Frank and her family and family's friends had died.

Luis Sanchez, 12 - Dallas - United States - 2 May 2012

when i travelled thru europe in 1995 a stop was amsterdam &i had to visit the anne frank musuem.I felt it very moving.One thing that I always wondered about was History says that the person who turned in the Franks was never known.Due to the Nazis being diligent paperwork persons they had to have known who that person was.

james glezen, 52 - phoenix az - United States - 28 Apr 2012