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It's hard to think someone so young went through this. A truly touching story...

Judith, Hertfordshire - United Kingdom - 3 Jul 2012

I've just read the book again after many years and it has made me so sad to accept the cruelty that exists in this world. At the same time, I remember how positive Anne was. We have to open our hearts and minds. We have to search within and constantly improve ourselves. Such a beautiful and deep girl who knew more than some of us will ever know! So honest and true to herself...Thank you my dear Anne!

Aruna Patel, 36 - Montreal - Canada - 25 Jun 2012

I was beyond overwhelmed... I am 23 years old...yet I can't tell you just how much I have learned; how much knowledge I've gained...from reading Anne's. Absolute treasure...what she left for us. I felt utterly connected to her...when I was at her age... Although I wish I was given the chance to read her much earlier, I am truly fortunate...having the chance to read her, at the age of 23. Anne taught me a lot. A lot. Anne... I love you. You opened my eyes to far so many things... I will... I promise... I will pass that to my children...if ever had any... I think it would be the least I could do, to thank you. You are an amazing, amazing example or 'strengh' and 'hope' 'honesty' and 'love.' I felt so close to you, throughout the diary... I nearly cried...when I read 'Anne's diary ends here.' I wanted more, I was so excited because you said you were going to be back to school, in never happened. I love you Anne. Your friend...from Qatar.

Maitha, 23 - Doha - Qatar - 22 Jun 2012

I have always been teased and made fun of in school. My mom took me to go see a holocaust survivor speak at Modesto Junior College when I was 10. After that I researched Anne's story. The best film ever of Anne's story has to be the one with Ben Kingsley in it. It tells a before and after story of her life. I wished I was friends with her. I think she would understand me the most. I have never been to the annex, but one day I want to come see her movie star photos and so forth. I hope to see her in the afterlife and tell her how her story inspired me to keep holding on and hope for peace to be made in the world. I believe if she were alive today she would support GLBT rights and help those who have been affected by intolerance. She will live in my heart until I die.

Dallas Martin, 21 - Modesto - United States - 20 Jun 2012

I remember getting the diary of Anne Frank from my aunt for my eleventh birthday. Anne Frank was optimistic throughout trying times. Reading The Diary of Anne Frank sparked my intrest in the holocaust and inspired me to read the diaries of many others. It fills me with joy that Anne's dream to become known throughout the world has come true and I know that she is in heaven looking down with a smile on her face and love in her heart!

Becca, United Kingdom - 17 Jun 2012

One small website, one huge contribution to world peace

Brenda Sielaff, 60 - Northfield - United States - 15 Jun 2012