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What a wonderful girl Anne was. I've been to the Anne Frank House 10 times. Today would have been Anne 83th Birthday. Happy Birthday Anne.

Richard L Goren, 59 - Bristol, PA - United States - 12 Jun 2012

Wonderful collection of memories. I have some memories how it was, and I think the museum op de prinsegracht is a lesson for everyone. My mom and I spend the war in Apeldoorn, and only one week at the VERY end of the war in Westerbork. I have visited the museum before it was renivated, it was almost bare then, and I had to control myself from my emotions. Thank you, Todah, and heel veel bedankt.

Bernard Draper, 73 - British Columbia - Canada - 12 Jun 2012

I first read her book when i was 15 years old. I was intrigued and as i read on, pools of tears would form in my eyes at the mere thought of a child having to undergo so much suffering and still in her writing be mature and kind at the same time. She had a good family supporting her at all times and just one more thing, wars are caused by humans who are too uncivilized and ignorance and ego and puny - minded that they forget they do not own anything here, they forget that above them all, He is watching, they forget about the only greatest almighty, GOD!!! Every religion commands peace, love and respect to one another not anything else. She was a source of inspiration to everyone regardless of their age and especially to youth. God Bless Her and she is alive in the house she and her family sought refuge in, in her diaries, in her inspiring stories.

Sujita , 24 - Malaysia - 5 Jun 2012

I'm a Muslim Malaysian. My mom introduced 'The Diary of Anne Frank' to me when I was 13. I admired Anne's courage and resilience throughout the war and hiding. I was distraught to know that she did not survive. Now I'm 22 and I decided to do a bit of readings about Anne Frank again. Not just this, but also the horrible history of assassination of the Russian imperial family also, the massacre of the Sabra and Shatila. So I stumbled upon this site. This time, I cried reading all the accounts of her life. Wars bring destruction. What's the purpose of having wars and killing others? I believe that difference in races and religions should not be the means of 'declaring wars'. In fac I believe that we could all just live in peace and harmony. This is exactly what Anne would have wanted. To rephrase again. I'm a Muslim. Anne is a Jewish. I love her as a fellow human being.

Sarah, 22 - Malaysia - 30 May 2012

Reading the diary of Anne Frank inspired me to start one of my own. I wrote it in the form of letters and addressed them Dear Anne. I think she would have liked to be an insperation to someone if she was alive. I wish she could have lived to see all of her dreams realised.

Hattie F., United States - 24 May 2012

I am a holocaust victim (Theresienstadt) myself - I was SO moved when I visited Ann Frank's House in early May, 2012. What a horrible fate - I am lucky to be alive. What did Otto Frank do for a living on his return?

steen metz, 77 - sanibel - United States - 17 May 2012