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The whole story gave me goose bumps. Imagine how it would be to be stuck in the same place for 2 years, in the middle of the war knowing you might never see the light again or the people you cared about. I would be so touched to visit the annex for real. The 3D tour was a great experience and I'm looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes in reality.

Andreea, 19 - Romania - 18 Apr 2012

I'm honored to have read this great book which gives an indepth insight to the inhumanity and degradation of the Holocaust. I felt so touched afta reading it and I'm happy that Anne Frank still lives on.

Bukky Teriba Kay-Dawodu, 36 - Lagos - Nigeria - 17 Apr 2012

Anne Franks room would be interesting to visit, as she was a very important part of the family, as it was her diary. I think the passage way to the hiding area would be interesting, because thats how they stayed alive for so long. Another interesting area to visit would be the kitchen. They all ate there, so that would be cool I guess.

Rachel, 13 - villla rica - United States - 16 Apr 2012

A beautiful girl with a beautiful story. I too love writing and she is my heroine.

Rachel Durnford, 12 - Sidcup - United Kingdom - 16 Apr 2012

An amazing and unique human being Anne Frank truly was. She is a remarkable inspiration for all those who seek to live a noble life!

Thomas Lund, 60 - Lesmurdie, Perth - Australia - 15 Apr 2012

Thank you for the website. Above all the info which is extremely well organized, visually and not only.

Anabela Maia De Pablos, Macau - China - 13 Apr 2012