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Written so simply and yet so profoundly, so full of life and wisdom, this story is my story, and the story of so many others worldwide who have ever been subject to severe oppression.

Sunny O'Neal, 60 - El Dorado, Arkansas - United States - 21 Mar 2012

Anne, you mean volumes to me. I hope to visit your museum some day.

Beatrice M, Ireland - 19 Mar 2012

I'm pleased we were able to visit the house last weekend-something we have wanted to do for a few years. Seeing the small space in which these 8 people lived really makes us appreciate our own freedom. Try imagining when you enter, that you won't be able to step outside for another two years. This website is absolutely fantastic-very informative and educational. It really lets you get to know and understand the characters and situation of these people in hiding. Anne was such a fun loving and cheerful girl. It's a shame that Margot's diary didn't also survive. One thing that sticks in my mind from the visit is Otto Frank in the video saying how after he read Anne's diary, (he and Anne seem to have been very close), that he realised that he didn't really know Anne and how well do parents really know their children. When we looked at the documentation in the house my daughter was surprised to see that Anne's name was Anneliese.

Rina and Kirstin Allan, London - United Kingdom - 18 Mar 2012

Anne Frank is a great person

Bob, 23 - London - United Kingdom - 14 Mar 2012

The whole story is so sad, but it helps us understand what Jewish people went through in that war. I am glad she got her diary published.

Amelia Zeller , 14 - Murfreesboro - United States - 14 Mar 2012

I stumbled on your site literaly through blind luck given the date and was enthralled with the makeup, information, and presentation of these events in history. It made my lesson today VERY accessible to my special education students, many of whom have never heard the story of Anne Frank or understand any of the events surrounding her. The visuals combined with audio were a wonderful way to expose these students to key part of our world's history.

Bryan W. Smith, 36 - Spokane - United States - 13 Mar 2012