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Anne has inspired me to kep a diary, but she is also a role model. It is sad to think that she was only a year older than me when she died, and that our people are still being persecuted. There is still prejudice against groups - not only against Jews - and we need to put a stop to it before it puts a stop to us. Peace, love, and shalom

Jessica, 14 - United States - 11 Apr 2012

We must always remember Anne Frank. Her story is universal and is a reminder that dictators are free to do awful things.

Harriett deBoer Clark, 83 - Moses Lake , Washington - United States - 5 Apr 2012

Anne Frank is a symbol of a girl full of dreams and hopes for me.She is a role model for me.a true picture of a young women.anne frank woke me up,and therefore i value life so much.thank you anne.i read the book and i hope i could visit the museum someday.

Jhastine May Nicole Santos, 15 - manila - Philippines - 2 Apr 2012

Anne inspired me to do something meaningful in my life. I can't wait to finish reading the book. I hope I can visit your museum someday.

Rane A, 13 - Philippines - 30 Mar 2012

I am doing a report on Anne for school, and this website has helped me so much. Thank you so much for all of your time and effort in creating this!

Kate, United States - 27 Mar 2012

Anne Frank is a young girl who has inspired me, she is a legend in my eyes and has toutched many hearts. she is a true Hero in my eyes.

Emily Barbeler , 15 - Brisbane - Australia - 27 Mar 2012