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Anne's memory, as well as those of those in hiding with her, must never be forgotten. She did much in her short life to make the world understand humanity. Long live her memory.

Tom Fox, 57 - Buffalo, New York - United States - 10 Mar 2012

When it was announced that we were going to be studying the play, "The Diary of Anne Frank," I was not very interested, but once we started reading, I became intrigued. I was surprised at how much she and I were alike and how real she seemed to me. Most things we study are in dusty old textbooks and they don't have any feelings to them, but this was different. Her story and the stories of those who were also living during the Holocaust inspired me so much. Her outlook on life amazed me considering her experience. Now I wonder, "What would happen if I were in her place? How would I react? How would I be remembered? Could it happen to me?"

Skylar, 14 - Wilmore - United States - 10 Mar 2012

Anne was so smart for her age. Just thinking that she was as old as I am and wrote this inspiring diary amazes me. She was sweeter, more humane and braver than most people(back then and today). Anne Frank is truely amazing!

Madison, 14 - United States - 9 Mar 2012

I am amazed by her beautiful story and love her. She is such a brave, sweet, dreaming teenage girl! I was inspired by her to write a diary of my own!

Shelby, 21 - New York - United States - 8 Mar 2012

Anne Frank I didn't Think much about the Holocaust Untill I read the book and then I was just sad thinking about what happened....

Sebastian, 13 - Mount Pocono - United States - 7 Mar 2012

Anne Frank and her diary have touched me so deeply. When I first bought the book, I didn't think much of it until I started really reading. I was breathless at what I read. I can connect and relate to her in so many different ways (the age thing helps in that, also). I look up to her as my inspiration, and I would like to see the world from her perspective. She was a wonderful person, and I would love to meet her wherever we go in the afterlife. P.S: She also inspired me to start a diary of my own!

Lexi, 12 - Houston - United Kingdom - 3 Mar 2012