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What an inspiration to us all:) The web page has an abundant amount of information about Anne Frank, and it shall be recommended by me to all.

Carlin, 13 - United States - 2 Mar 2012

I watched the movie on TV and was deeply touched by Anne's experiences as well as those of he family and friends. May we never forget them and always remember that every person is precious not matter their background, ethnicity or status in life. Thanks for the inspiration. God bless us all.

Chantal Watson, Brisbane - Australia - 1 Mar 2012

Anne Frank is my all time favourite Heroine! She is brave, charismatic and full of hope. Even through the darkest times in her life as a young and innocent girl, she manages to see the reality of life from love, humour, anger and growing up to become an adult. Her diary "kitty" is timeless and reading her journey through the time is always fascinating for me. My visit to the Anne Frank Huis was my highlight and the books on her and her life are amazing. I am so glad that we are able to re-lived and be inspired by someone like her. :)

Adika Kay, 31 - Wellington - New Zealand - 29 Feb 2012

Ever since I read Anne Frank, I have been totally inspired! Amazing! She stayed strong through it ALL!

Chenoa, 17 - Beckley - United States - 28 Feb 2012

While reading Anne Frank's diary, I was deeply touched, and my mind was altered. I had never really thought much about the Holocaust (though I dont know why) and didnt know much about it, but while and after reading her diary, I did a lot of research on it. I was shocked by what I learned and what had occured. I never in my wildest dreams had thought that it was that bad. But what hit me the most was that this was all in the point of view of a young girl around my age. Her emotions and feelings while in the annex were much like any teenager, except for the fact that she had to go through something that I hope no teenager will ever have to go through again. Anne Frank will forever stay in my mind, and I pray that she, her family, and all other people that were effected during the Holocaust have reached peace wherever they may be.

Madison, 14 - Freeport - United States - 26 Feb 2012

Anne Frank inspired me not to give up. The movie was very sad especially during the concentration camps and Margot when she died. I'ts not fair that she died at a young age. Anne shows me courage and i'll never forget her....

Skylar, 29 - Humble - United States - 18 Feb 2012