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I've read Anne's diary again and again, I love her diary, it is one of the best reminders of what her and other Jews went though. When I read it, even though I know what is in it, it still feels like she is sitting in front of me, tell me about her life, and her struggle. Anne, you are such an inspiration, and you will always remain in my heart and mind. Thank you for giving myself and future generations the very best account of the struggles you and your family and every other Jew went through.

Kirsty Gooch, 25 - Ipswich - United Kingdom - 17 Jan 2012

the story of anne frank amazes me. i havnt actually read her diary yet but i have seen a movie and im on this page alot. truthfully i wouldnt be interested in world war 2 if it werent for anne frank. her story is so upsetting and i cant wait to read her diary.

J.L, 13 - Australia - 17 Jan 2012

An inspiration.

Simon Howlett, 40 - Portsmouth - United Kingdom - 15 Jan 2012

i first read the book when i was 10. i didn't understand what Anne was saying a lot of the time, and in consequence i didn't enjoy it the way i should have; but now 3 years later i have more experience and know more of the Holocaust and i love Anne's diary. She inspired me to become a writer.

K.G., 13 - United States - 15 Jan 2012

I am doing an Anne frank project at school

Lewis.mitchell, 14 - Dundee - United Kingdom - 14 Jan 2012

I remember reading her diary when I was a kid. Now, that my kids are old enough I need to teach them about her.

Crystal Swanson, Tacoma - United States - 14 Jan 2012