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i enjoyed learning here it really was cool

richard I Gonzales-Medina, 14 - tuscon - United Kingdom - 15 Feb 2012

than you anne frank for being such an inspiration, you are still alive ;)

Tamara, 30 - zadar - Croatia - 15 Feb 2012

i <3 this site! it makes people realize how lucky they are!

marlee, United Kingdom - 14 Feb 2012

I have read her diary twice and loved it both times. As I was watching an Otto Frank interview he said some people write to Anne as Anne wrote to Kitty and I thought it was a great idea. I now write to Anne and feel like I know here...even though I don't. She has made me want to make sure this never happens again. for school I am researching the concentration camp: Theresienstadt, the same camp Mrs. Van Pels went to. she is an inspiration!!

Samantha , United States - 12 Feb 2012

Anne Inspires me even if i've never met her. In my english class we were reading the diary of anne frank (play version) and watching the movie. I dieced to take the extra step and read the real diary. If only Anne could have lasted a few more weeks and not have gotten typhus she might've had a better chance!!!

Ashley Harris, 13 - Gilbert - United States - 9 Feb 2012

Hello, i read your site, this a best site from me, thanks!

stemeAdultubs, United Kingdom - 9 Feb 2012