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It is a good book..It was so sad that she died at a young age.....And i it was sad that they all had to died...I hope that people keep reading her book till the end of time..And don't forget her are any of them....Bye

Becky Messer, 51 - Amelia - United States - 7 Feb 2012

Anne Frank was a really brave person and we should be like her and not to give up !!!!!

Kinga Ostrega, United Kingdom - 6 Feb 2012

I was so touched by Anne's story ,and I think everyone who live in this world should know her story very deeply .

FrankCai, 26 - Shanghai - China - 6 Feb 2012

anne frank you are a very important person in my life and even though i didnt know you i honestly love you rest in peace with your family and close friends

Roenyke, 16 - lemoore - United States - 1 Feb 2012

I finished Anne's diary yesterday morning, and I came close to breaking down numerous times throughout the day. Her diary is poignant and inspiring. She was such a bright, talented girl. I love how she decribes her change in character since she arrived at the annex, and her love of learning. I wish she could still be here along with her sister. I love Anne. Everyone should read this fabulous book!

William Graessle, 20 - Tucson - United States - 31 Jan 2012

I am currently playing Otto Frank in a theatre production of the "Diary of Anne Frank" this site is invaluable to understand him and the situation better. It is difficult to perform this part because I often get so overwhelmed at how terrible this whole catastrophe was. The young woman playing 'our' Anne is very sweet and compelling. I have to resist the urge to cry when I remember we are telling a true story. I am profoundly moved by the experience of the Franks and the others. I am very commited to telling this story correctly ... deeply moving tragic tragic ... I am honored to portray Mr. Frank - I hope to give my all to show his grief and outrage. This must never be allowed to happen again. Shalom.

Doug Harris, 47 - Scottsbluff, Nebraska - United States - 28 Jan 2012