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Anne Frank is a great inspiration. I am reading about her in school, what a brave person.

Traci Whitson, United Kingdom - 25 Jan 2012

One os the best books I have ever read. I hardly believe it was written by a 14 years old girl.

Alexandre Bueno, 25 - Curitiba - Brazil - 25 Jan 2012

Ever since I read the Diary of Anne Frank in high school, I had been touched deeply by what she went through. I always wanted to read other stories from survivors as well as visit the museum one day. I never understood why my urge was so strong. Four years ago I finally realized why. I met the most wonderful man in my life. I found out that his parents were survivors of the Holocaust and that he has relatives in Amsterdam. I also volunteer at The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Educational Center as a Generation to Generation member and am paired up with another survivor. I will never forget how important Anne's diary has been to me.

Lori, 38 - Skokie - United States - 24 Jan 2012

Thank you so much Annelise. You changed my perspective of the world. The human race owes you a thank you.

Dayton Livingston, 16 - Greenwood - United States - 22 Jan 2012

I am in the 7th grade and my class will be covering the diary of Anne Frank we will be doing the play though and I play Anne I think it's cool and amazing everything about her story and what it has unfolded to be from just a 13 year olds diary to an entire memorial and historical sight all because of one diary!

Ashley Robshaw, 13 - Palm Coast - United States - 19 Jan 2012

I've read Anne's diary again and again, I love her diary, it is one of the best reminders of what her and other Jews went though. When I read it, even though I know what is in it, it still feels like she is sitting in front of me, tell me about her life, and her struggle. Anne, you are such an inspiration, and you will always remain in my heart and mind. Thank you for giving myself and future generations the very best account of the struggles you and your family and every other Jew went through.

Kirsty Gooch, 25 - Ipswich - United Kingdom - 17 Jan 2012