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I have read this book so many times! I just love everything about Anne's Diary. I just can't believe she was so close of being free. I wonder how her and Peter's relationship would blossom. But im planning to visit the museum very soon.

Stephanie Condori, 14 - Wellington - United States - 8 Jan 2012

I really enjoyed visiting Anne franks house I've read the book and it's the best book I've only been interested in from school, It must of been so hard at this time I felt sorry for all Jews especially the way they were treated it was shocking, but Anne's thoughts are with me! I wonder what she would think if she knew her book was published, she seemed such a good person!

Ashleigh, 22 - Livingston - United Kingdom - 7 Jan 2012

I have recently completed reading this book. It was quite amazing how well I could relate to her. Her story has inspired many people. It is tragic that her life came to such a sad end. I at present can not visit the Anne Frank House but i have a great desire to. It was a wonderful experience to read this book .

Shradha Sood , 14 - Shimla - India - 6 Jan 2012

Having recently visited Anne Frank's House I was moved by the silence and solemnity of the crowds slowly filing through the rooms that imprisoned Anne and her family. I sincerely hope that al those who experience this and read Anne's diary will leave with greater compassion and a stronger resolution to fight the still too many who believe that any atrocities can be committed in the name of the "public good". Sadly in Holland as elsewhere the ease with which "others" are blamed for problems is too reject. May your voice be heard long into the future Anne until maybe one day the whole of mankind will reject all such acts of hatred.

Jenny Brown, 58 - Chichester - United Kingdom - 2 Jan 2012

I have finished reading Anne's diary today because I have never read this book at school. I am deeply touched by her writings and the hard time they had. I will never forget that freedom today is a high commodity for everyone! Daniel P.S. Anne, I will remember you, your attitude and dreams will remain in our hearts. I will also continue reading many books as you did to widen my horizont. P.P.S. The trees show you their colors and their blossoms. Humankind can do it too.

Daniel, 34 - Germany - 30 Dec 2011

I am in the play The Diary of Anne Frank and i got the role as Anne. I have loved her and thought she was such an amazing girl! Someday i want to go to the Anne Frank house. It breaks my heart to think just a couple more days and Bergen-Belsen would have been liberated! I wonder what she would have thought about her diary being published!!

Emma Haynes, 14 - Decatur - United States - 29 Dec 2011