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the story of anne frank amazes me. i havnt actually read her diary yet but i have seen a movie and im on this page alot. truthfully i wouldnt be interested in world war 2 if it werent for anne frank. her story is so upsetting and i cant wait to read her diary.

J.L, 13 - Australia - 17 Jan 2012

An inspiration.

Simon Howlett, 40 - Portsmouth - United Kingdom - 15 Jan 2012

i first read the book when i was 10. i didn't understand what Anne was saying a lot of the time, and in consequence i didn't enjoy it the way i should have; but now 3 years later i have more experience and know more of the Holocaust and i love Anne's diary. She inspired me to become a writer.

K.G., 13 - United States - 15 Jan 2012

I am doing an Anne frank project at school

Lewis.mitchell, 14 - Dundee - United Kingdom - 14 Jan 2012

I remember reading her diary when I was a kid. Now, that my kids are old enough I need to teach them about her.

Crystal Swanson, Tacoma - United States - 14 Jan 2012

Anne Frank and everyone who was in the house with you, always in our hearts

Lynsey Truman, 29 - Cardiff - United Kingdom - 12 Jan 2012