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I have finished reading Anne's diary today because I have never read this book at school. I am deeply touched by her writings and the hard time they had. I will never forget that freedom today is a high commodity for everyone! Daniel P.S. Anne, I will remember you, your attitude and dreams will remain in our hearts. I will also continue reading many books as you did to widen my horizont. P.P.S. The trees show you their colors and their blossoms. Humankind can do it too.

Daniel, 34 - Germany - 30 Dec 2011

I am in the play The Diary of Anne Frank and i got the role as Anne. I have loved her and thought she was such an amazing girl! Someday i want to go to the Anne Frank house. It breaks my heart to think just a couple more days and Bergen-Belsen would have been liberated! I wonder what she would have thought about her diary being published!!

Emma Haynes, 14 - Decatur - United States - 29 Dec 2011

We are working on Anne Frank in school and it gives such an honor to read every line of the book and study her life. I feel bad for their unfortunate fate, I feel bad for all Jews. Surfing through the site... brings tears in my eyes. When I read Otto's comments about how she believed that Anne lived, and their feelings; my heart breaks and I wish that Nazis didn't kill them. I wish that the Jews weren't treated this way.

Jupiter Markett, 13 - Glasgow - United Kingdom - 27 Dec 2011

How I would LOVE to visit the Anne Frank House the most out of the rest of the places I want to go to! I have wanted to since I first read her diary when I was around 12 years old! SUCH an amazing, inspirational young girl. For generations to come, and go! Thankfully my Aunt and Uncle have moved back to Holland due to their jobs, and so more reason for me to go to Holland, family, and the Anne Frank House! Such an inspiration xxxx

Jessie, 18 - Ventnor - United Kingdom - 26 Dec 2011

My boyfriend Martin and I visited the Anne Frank's House on the 19th December. Martin did not know of Anne Frank and i had only read her diary as a young child. We were both very moved when we visited and both felt honoured to be able to walk where Anne once did. We felt quite tearful when we left and both hope that this never happens again! Ever! She sounded like such an amazing person!

Leanne Drewery, 24 - York - United Kingdom - 21 Dec 2011

I had the opportunity of visiting the Museum and what one can say: simply amazing.

Ana Maria Broadbridge, 58 - São Paulo - Brazil - 19 Dec 2011