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I am a Brazilian English teacher and I always liked to read. In my twenties, I read The Diary of Anne Frank and I decided to put the play on the stage. Inviting some friends, we started to rehearse the sotry and it took us sone year and seven months to get it ready. None of us were professional and everything was made with the heart and the passion of those who ar4 youog. It was a very successful performance. Almost thirty years late, me and some students went to England for a summer course and, surprinsigly, the schhol was going to Holland on a excursion trip. I was in this trip and went to Amsterdam, but we couldn`t go to Anne^s place, I do not remember why. It was a pity. And now, somebody indicated me the site of Ann e Frank and it is vdry touchy to be here and recall all those facts. I thank God and pray to him for such drama not happen again

Adilson Pereira Lobo, 58 - Guarulhos/SP - Brazil - 17 Dec 2011

I think Anne was a very couregeous young woman in one of the most horrible chapters in our history. I would have loved to have known her.

cindy haas, 58 - houston - United States - 17 Dec 2011

Anne Frank was a very intelligent girl and was on good terms with the most people. I was visiting the museum yesterday and saw the whole secret annexe. It,s a fascinating ting that so many people could live in such a small commuty. There is one thing I would like to know, who blew the wizzle to the gestapo? I,m studying history at a Masterlevel, and there are many unanswered qustions here. Is there somebody out there who know where I can get more info of the case? When I read the diary I really putted Anne to my heart, and hope she is in a place where she is happy and taken care of. She and many others who shared the same destiny deserves the best of the best. Those where innocent people. So I hope there are many people out there who will support Anne, her family and the museum.

Tom Seeberg, 46 - Toensberg - Norway - 16 Dec 2011

I think it quite amazing that Anne wrote her thoughts at a time when living was a determination and not taken for granted. I can't even imagine how horrible it was living in the attic with other people and not knowing if you will even eat every day. What a strong family.

Anne Katz, 64 - Collegeville - United States - 15 Dec 2011

My dream is to visit your house one day.I am 14 and having read your diary makes me feel like giving value life even more. I always always admire the way you wrote ...your happiness your tears your smiles jump from the pages to my heart!! One of our history chapters was related to d holocaust...nd though it happened in 1944...I really felt d pain and suffering 60-70 yrs later in 2011 and that also in another part of the world. I believe dat you are still up there luking down upon how ur diary has made a mark. It is a dream all the way from India because however different we may be in clothes language or culture....feelings are universal :) R.I.P Anne Frank

kimberly devito, 14 - collingdale - United States - 12 Dec 2011

I read Anne's diary when I was about thirteen years old, and it troubled me to read that in August of 1944, when I was born, Anne was taken prisoner by the Nazi's. In 1975 I visited Amsterdam, and saw the hiding place. Since then, I have thought about it, the Frank family, and especially Anne, many many times. At the time of my visit, I was unaware of my own Jewish heritage. My paternal grandfather joined the Dutch Merchant Marines in 1918, and jumped ship in New York Harbor, never telling anyone, including his future wife (my grandmother) and their four children, that he was Jewish. Three years ago, through my own research for a book I am writing, I discovered this fact. I cannot express the sadness I feel knowing that my dear grandfather felt it necessary to hide his heritage. As an adult, I work daily to fight prejudice of all kinds. And to be an example of someone with an open mind and a loving heart. We can never allow another holocaust.

Kathryn van Ameringen Dews, 67 - Salisbury, North Carolina - United States - 10 Dec 2011