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i love anne frank

Bathen, 18 - israel - Israel - 7 Dec 2011

Sad stuff, poor Anne and her family.

BIG BONER, 13 - Gilbert - United States - 7 Dec 2011

This is a very unique website.

Courtney Bordelon, 14 - Virginia Beach - United States - 5 Dec 2011

it is really sad...

ben, 12 - wj - United States - 5 Dec 2011

My dream is to visit your house one day.I am 14 and having read your diary makes me feel like giving value life even more. I always always admire the way you wrote ...your happiness your tears your smiles jump from the pages to my heart!! One of our history chapters was related to d holocaust...nd though it happened in 1944...I really felt d pain and suffering 60-70 yrs later in 2011 and that also in another part of the world. I believe dat you are still up there luking down upon how ur diary has made a mark. It is a dream all the way from India because however different we may be in clothes language or culture....feelings are universal :) R.I.P Anne Frank

Risha, 14 - New Delhi - India - 3 Dec 2011

Why do the brave,strong ones have to die?

Tiffanie-Michelle, 14 - Las Vegas - United States - 2 Dec 2011