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My heart is always heavy reading about these evil times, Anne Frank was a beautiful and inspiring soul. I truly get rattled to just thinking of the lives lost and unfair and evil. We must all love and respect one another.

Lindsey, 22 - philadelphia - United States - 17 Nov 2011

This is an awesome story,I love the book, I love the way she tell us her difficult life. Although she is between a war she tried to be happy.! :)

Sophia, 16 - London - United Kingdom - 16 Nov 2011

i amazing by her book ,i don't know what to say !

tamirat mekonnen, 28 - hawassa - Ethiopia - 14 Nov 2011

Recently, we visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. We were stunned with the knowledge of how much these people suffered and remain baffled by the answer to the question---Why?

andrea, 70 - Myrtle Beach - United States - 3 Nov 2011

I'm glad to see that Anne is still alive in so many hearts. May her soul shine forevermore with pure, incandescent joy.

Hannah Smith, 20 - United Kingdom - 3 Nov 2011

God Bless Anne and the others who endured for so long...

Gerard Michaud, 59 - Burlington - Canada - 27 Oct 2011