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We have just returned froma recent vacataion in Amsterdam and the Anne Frank museum and her amazing story has left a long lasting memory. An amazing but sad story and one that should never be forgotten. This place will guarantee that it remains a reflection of darker times gone by.

Ian Harteveld, 43 - Coventry - United Kingdom - 26 Oct 2011

I've always thought Anne Frank was so inspiring. I've read her book dozens of times, and hope to go to the Anne Frank House one day. Anne Frank is my idols. I think that it cos of her that I keep a diary.

Leonor Torres, 18 - Forest Park - United States - 24 Oct 2011

I love this website it is so cool. Anne Frank is so brave and courageous she is my idol

Chandler , 12 - pocatello - United States - 23 Oct 2011

i thought that Anne Frank is a true inspiration to all and her life was extremly enchanting with laughing and crying and a gateway to what life was like 70 or 80 years ago

Nina, United Kingdom - 19 Oct 2011

This museum is the most moving and thought-provoking place I have ever visited in Europe and it was amazing to see the many visitors who flock here thanks to Anne's diary. This place reminds us to accept others as an extension of ourselves.

Chanda-Kiran Jordan, 33 - Cambridge - United Kingdom - 19 Oct 2011

this story grieves me, I only wish to make a difference as she did.

Robert Ray, 20 - Lafayette - United States - 16 Oct 2011