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Great achievement of the Museum! Spreading the remembrance is a duty for every human being! It's the only way those dreadful acts won't happen again!

Alain Levy, 50 - Sao Paulo - Brazil - 25 Sep 2011

Anne was inspiring but I think that to have been given the opportunity to help the Frank's at a time when they needed it is a calling that not many of us ever have in our lifetimes. How wonderful to be chosen to do this out of friendship and for the welfare of others.

David, 54 - Liverpool UK - United Kingdom - 19 Sep 2011

This was one of the best experiences of my life very informative and a touching story very humbled by the whole experience of such a story a remarkable young lady with great inspiration i have read the book many years ago which helped with going round this amazing museum to the family's remarkable last days thank you so much

Alexander Hogg, 47 - Edinburgh - United Kingdom - 16 Sep 2011

Absolutely loved the experience and it brought all my reading of the novel to life. I like the way the house is respected also in that people cannot take photos. I can never understand why people of so determined to get photos of everything these days, people forget to just experience a place.

Tara Hanly , 25 - Roscommon - Ireland - 13 Sep 2011

I absolutely adore Anne Frank and am currently reading her diary now. She is constantly inspiring me in new ways and although I know the diary is all real I cant help but find it difficult to grasp the truth behind it all in my heart. She is such a talented young girl, in her ability o write such detailed and descriptive diary entries and completely and utterly spill her heart onto the page but mainly that being so young she can somehow find the guts and heart to carry on during such struggling times. I know I wouldn't be able to do what she did, Anne Frank is incredible!

Anna Georgetti, 12 - Auckland - New Zealand - 13 Sep 2011

I read her diary this summer and found it deeply touching and emotional. She devoted herself to her diary. I am doing a report on her. Anne Frank is a remarkable young girl who experienced losses and tragedy. To undergo what she went through I cannot imagine having done or even think possible. Long live the spirit of Anne Frank! :)

Ani Freeborn, 12 - Ypsilanti - United States - 30 Aug 2011