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Anne Frank is such an inspirational young girl. She was just only fifteen years old yet she understands humanity. To me, she was not dead; her story is alive. Her experiences is aluve. Now, I saw my love for history and writing. She and I had the same dreams. She is my idol. She is the symbol of courage. When I think of myself, I think of Anne Frank. I never get tired of her story. She touched my heart. I promised myself to go to the museum one day.

Rynata, 12 - Lawrence, Indiana - United States - 21 Aug 2011

Whenever I think I have it bad, I will think of Anne Frank. I could not imagine the horrors they all must have felt. Rest in Peace... You are remembered..

Robert Wahlund, 58 - Minneapolis, MN - United States - 17 Aug 2011

Anne Frank is such an inspirational young girl who had her whole life ahead of her. She wrote a diary to let people know what she went through. That is bravery. She did not deserve to die at such a young age RIP Anne Frank. We never forget you

Gemma, United Kingdom - 14 Aug 2011

There has never been a book that made me cry; until Anne's diary came along. In her entries, I saw myself. I saw my loneliness, my detachment from others. I fall asleep to a damp pillow, just as she did. I saw my love for history, a need to feel pretty. A dream to become a writer is in both of our hearts. Her wish to go on living after she has died has come true, I can only hope that mine also will. Anne wrote about being two different people, those words also brought tears to my eyes, for they describe how I feel. I was sure that no one would ever understand how I feel until I stumbled upon Anne. The things that I took for granted everyday such as being outside were suddenly more important to me. Thanks to Anne, I now understand the true meaning of courage. To quote my aunt "she was one smart cookie." and I couldn't agree more. I feel blessed to be able to share her name, and she will live on forever in all of our hearts.

Emily-Anne, 15 - Canada - 10 Aug 2011

Anne Frank's Story is only one of the millons of people who died in the Holocaust. I think her story will be the light in the darkness, her story gave us a huge insight into the Nazi Reign and Anne Frank herself. I have read TONS, just ask my parrents, about Anne Frank . She is just amazing! I am a VERY talkative person so I cant imagine sitting in an attic all day and not even be able to use a working toliet! And I also have been inspired by her to keep a diary, of corse mine isn't as interesting as hers but I'm on my way! Thank You Anne Frank, for everything.

Lexie, United States - 10 Aug 2011

Anne franks house was so wonderful to visit.

Angela breeden, 46 - Oklahoma city - United States - 10 Aug 2011