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i read Anne Frank Diary four years back. i have read it again and again and it inspires me everytime. they lived through such difficult time without complaining. she inspires me to live life the right way and never to be disheartened by injustice around us.i owe my life to her.

Bijaylaxmi Behura, 31 - Cuttack - India - 10 Oct 2011

This website won the 2011 Webby award and it's well-deserved. Thank you for transporting me back to my visit to the museum. May the Museum always be intact for newere generations to be touched and shocked by what Germany enacted against the Jews.

Shay Gross, Newport Beach - United States - 10 Oct 2011

My dream is to visit Amsterdam and the Anne Frank museum. I have read the diary many times and its very sad and scary what happend to Anne and her family and friends.

Ingrid Marie Viken, 23 - Oslo - Norway - 9 Oct 2011

I've never been but damn I want to. I want to have that experiance. I'm extremly facinated with things like this.

Lauryn Davison, 13 - Peterlee - United Kingdom - 8 Oct 2011

Hi, I read the Diary of Anne Frank when I was 12 years old and in primary school. After reading Anne's diary, I wanted to visit the Secret Annex in Amsterdam and in 1997 I did just that. I was overwhelmed when I visited the museum and so moved that I could not believe I was standing in the place where Anne and her family once lived when they were in hiding. Their courage and hope was extraordinary and it made me feel how lucky we all are today to be alive and to have our freedom! To this day, I still feel great sadness for all those innocent lives lost not just from the war itself but especially for all those who were tortured at the hands of the German Army. Thank you for maintaining the museum in not only Anne's memory but to all those who suffered the same fate. Lest We Forget!

Amanda Perrin, 41 - Adelaide - Australia - 8 Oct 2011

we try to get back to holland as often as we can. Always included without fail is a visit to Anne Franks House which is a real eye opener and shows how resiluent humans are. These visits give you a kick and a reminder that life must be liveed to the fullest and Anne Frank certainly did that. Our thanks for a wonderful representation of her life. Regards Abe

abe caljouw, 75 - melbourne - Australia - 5 Oct 2011