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a great place to visit and a lesson to learn reading a young girls diary

Abby, United Kingdom - 25 Aug 2011

she's my idol!

michell, 19 - long branch - United States - 23 Aug 2011

After watching the movie, I learned alot from her. I learned never take life for granate. Also I learned that she is the most inspireing person in my life. She is what made me start writeing in my own journals everday. Not only that I can't imagine the horrs she went through even when her sister died. I can not even know what she was going through. Not only is she inspireing to me in that respect But I wonder what she was like. would she even understand the way we speak here. But she spoke of peace so foundly that I am wondering why a person like this had to die at the age she was.

Alisa McConnell, 22 - Little Rock - United States - 22 Aug 2011

Anne Frank is such an inspirational young girl. She was just only fifteen years old yet she understands humanity. To me, she was not dead; her story is alive. Her experiences is aluve. Now, I saw my love for history and writing. She and I had the same dreams. She is my idol. She is the symbol of courage. When I think of myself, I think of Anne Frank. I never get tired of her story. She touched my heart. I promised myself to go to the museum one day.

Rynata, 12 - Lawrence, Indiana - United States - 21 Aug 2011

Whenever I think I have it bad, I will think of Anne Frank. I could not imagine the horrors they all must have felt. Rest in Peace... You are remembered..

Robert Wahlund, 58 - Minneapolis, MN - United States - 17 Aug 2011

Anne Frank is such an inspirational young girl who had her whole life ahead of her. She wrote a diary to let people know what she went through. That is bravery. She did not deserve to die at such a young age RIP Anne Frank. We never forget you

Gemma, United Kingdom - 14 Aug 2011