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I have read the story of Anne Frank's diary when I was a little girl. I can say that this is something that I will never forget.

Gherica Bates, 25 - Hattiesburg - United States - 4 Oct 2011

I visted the house in the summer and I was mind-blown! I don't think you really realize just what happened until you have walked in her bedroom and seen her pictures on the wall... great experience and I would recommend it to anyone! My teenagers and my 10 year old son absoulotley loved it! Great experience and would come back any time.

Allie Karling, United Kingdom - 3 Oct 2011

Great achievement of the Museum! Spreading the remembrance is a duty for every human being! It's the only way those dreadful acts won't happen again!

Alain Levy, 50 - Sao Paulo - Brazil - 25 Sep 2011

Anne was inspiring but I think that to have been given the opportunity to help the Frank's at a time when they needed it is a calling that not many of us ever have in our lifetimes. How wonderful to be chosen to do this out of friendship and for the welfare of others.

David, 54 - Liverpool UK - United Kingdom - 19 Sep 2011

This was one of the best experiences of my life very informative and a touching story very humbled by the whole experience of such a story a remarkable young lady with great inspiration i have read the book many years ago which helped with going round this amazing museum to the family's remarkable last days thank you so much

Alexander Hogg, 47 - Edinburgh - United Kingdom - 16 Sep 2011

Absolutely loved the experience and it brought all my reading of the novel to life. I like the way the house is respected also in that people cannot take photos. I can never understand why people of so determined to get photos of everything these days, people forget to just experience a place.

Tara Hanly , 25 - Roscommon - Ireland - 13 Sep 2011