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We read The book of Anne Frank in school. It is a part of histroy that none of us anytime soon should forget. I will put this on a list of things I would like to do. There's so much to be taught and told to us from Anne Frank. I can only try to begin to think about the pain that she went thru at her age. Something that I am sure we have all taken for granted.

Kimberly Linder, 38 - Kansas City - United States - 30 Jun 2011

Since I was around 11, I've always been fasinated by the stories from WW2 (not in a bad way) and I thought Anne's diary was one of the best books about it I've read. One day I would really really like to visit the place she hid, the museum and a concentration camp. Anne feels like a small part of me and I think her and her dad (pretty much everyone involved) are really inspirational people xx

Maddie, 13 - Melbourne - Australia - 25 Jun 2011

i cant express quite what i feel. you are the greatest connection i have to real inhumanity, always with you.. cara.

caraluisa marinelli, 14 - glasgow - United Kingdom - 20 Jun 2011

After visiting the house, I bought the diary, visited sauchenhausen concentration camp, stumbled across a neo natzi protest. Then read the diary in 24 hours. It's a touching story and will live on with me and the rest of the world.

Mick, 29 - Sydney - Australia - 18 Jun 2011

I ♥ Anne

Annonomous, 14 - United States - 15 Jun 2011

A truely inspirational and unique person. Hoping to visit the museum one day to pay tribute to a great human being.

Dimi, 23 - Australia - 15 Jun 2011