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Anne Frank encouraged me to write. She has inspired me to become what I knew was in my heart as my talent but I just couldn't find. I write for you Anne.

Megan Jane Holt, 15 - Amsterdam - Netherlands - 20 Jul 2011

I understand Anne totally and I feel that I am living the terrors of the war with her. Anne is and will always be my role model in life. I respect her and admire her bravery during such hard times!

Mai Lan, 11 - Cairns - Australia - 19 Jul 2011

Anne was a comfort to me as I went through me teen years.She now helps me understand my 16 year old daughter.

Rebecca V.Jones, 59 - San Antonio - United States - 14 Jul 2011

I visted the Anne Frank House in March 2010 with my husband, and we both found it to be a humbling and moving experience. Many thanks your hard work in maintaing the house enables future generations tha ability to come and visit. Regards Susan

Susan Butterfield, 47 - Limerick - Ireland - 13 Jul 2011

Thank you for this remarkable website that allows me to see the museum from a world away. God Bless.

Aleksandra Dabkowska, 27 - Lodz - Poland - 6 Jul 2011

Anne you are my inspiration to life, you are the greatest connection i have to real inhumanity. With your stories maybe this monsterous world can join together and form peace. I have seen every documentry and have read every book about you and your family's lives in the 'secret annex'. One day i am going to visit the museum and pay my respects and tribute to you, for the true graceful and beautiful person that you are. Thank you for your diary, you shall always be a part of me. Forever with you... Paige xxx

Paige, 16 - United Kingdom - 3 Jul 2011