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Whenever I think I have it bad, I will think of Anne Frank. I could not imagine the horrors they all must have felt. Rest in Peace... You are remembered..

Robert Wahlund, 58 - Minneapolis, MN - United States - 17 Aug 2011

Anne Frank is such an inspirational young girl who had her whole life ahead of her. She wrote a diary to let people know what she went through. That is bravery. She did not deserve to die at such a young age RIP Anne Frank. We never forget you

Gemma, United Kingdom - 14 Aug 2011

There has never been a book that made me cry; until Anne's diary came along. In her entries, I saw myself. I saw my loneliness, my detachment from others. I fall asleep to a damp pillow, just as she did. I saw my love for history, a need to feel pretty. A dream to become a writer is in both of our hearts. Her wish to go on living after she has died has come true, I can only hope that mine also will. Anne wrote about being two different people, those words also brought tears to my eyes, for they describe how I feel. I was sure that no one would ever understand how I feel until I stumbled upon Anne. The things that I took for granted everyday such as being outside were suddenly more important to me. Thanks to Anne, I now understand the true meaning of courage. To quote my aunt "she was one smart cookie." and I couldn't agree more. I feel blessed to be able to share her name, and she will live on forever in all of our hearts.

Emily-Anne, 15 - Canada - 10 Aug 2011

Anne Frank's Story is only one of the millons of people who died in the Holocaust. I think her story will be the light in the darkness, her story gave us a huge insight into the Nazi Reign and Anne Frank herself. I have read TONS, just ask my parrents, about Anne Frank . She is just amazing! I am a VERY talkative person so I cant imagine sitting in an attic all day and not even be able to use a working toliet! And I also have been inspired by her to keep a diary, of corse mine isn't as interesting as hers but I'm on my way! Thank You Anne Frank, for everything.

Lexie, United States - 10 Aug 2011

Anne franks house was so wonderful to visit.

Angela breeden, 46 - Oklahoma city - United States - 10 Aug 2011

Reading Ana Frank's diary one gets in touch with a young girl and her thoughts, I truly love the sincerity in her words and the way she talks to her diary as her friend, sometimes writing is the best way to let our thoughts be express, to me that is the best way too. Ana Frank left a wonderful contribution with her words. Ana H.

Ana, 49 - Miami - United States - 1 Aug 2011