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Anne's story taught me that when a person lands up in a critical situation he has only two choices either to submit to what is happening and endure it without uttering a word and make your life a hell or express yourself and make yourself heard , one way or the other, If you make the first choice you will be lost in the innumerable pages of history,but, if you make the second choice your words will be history and those words will shape the future history too.

Parikshit Kulkarni, 24 - Amravati - India - 25 Jul 2011

Same Felling.Anne i'm from Ambon, Maluku. I grew up in Moluccas. Maluku is very beatiful island and lovely, but all was lost during the riot in 1999. I lost many friends and many chidhood lost. after knowing there are others who experienced similar things like me, I am very confident that it can share with that person and she is your Anne Frank. I really want to like you who can share with the world through writing. Because I believe there is no weapon that can stop a war without death and violence than through good writing. Thank you.

Christo, 20 - Ambon - Indonesia - 22 Jul 2011

Anne Frank encouraged me to write. She has inspired me to become what I knew was in my heart as my talent but I just couldn't find. I write for you Anne.

Megan Jane Holt, 15 - Amsterdam - Netherlands - 20 Jul 2011

I understand Anne totally and I feel that I am living the terrors of the war with her. Anne is and will always be my role model in life. I respect her and admire her bravery during such hard times!

Mai Lan, 11 - Cairns - Australia - 19 Jul 2011

Anne was a comfort to me as I went through me teen years.She now helps me understand my 16 year old daughter.

Rebecca V.Jones, 59 - San Antonio - United States - 14 Jul 2011

I visted the Anne Frank House in March 2010 with my husband, and we both found it to be a humbling and moving experience. Many thanks your hard work in maintaing the house enables future generations tha ability to come and visit. Regards Susan

Susan Butterfield, 47 - Limerick - Ireland - 13 Jul 2011