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Thank you for this remarkable website that allows me to see the museum from a world away. God Bless.

Aleksandra Dabkowska, 27 - Lodz - Poland - 6 Jul 2011

Anne you are my inspiration to life, you are the greatest connection i have to real inhumanity. With your stories maybe this monsterous world can join together and form peace. I have seen every documentry and have read every book about you and your family's lives in the 'secret annex'. One day i am going to visit the museum and pay my respects and tribute to you, for the true graceful and beautiful person that you are. Thank you for your diary, you shall always be a part of me. Forever with you... Paige xxx

Paige, 16 - United Kingdom - 3 Jul 2011

What words can I say that could possibly ever come close to matching the greatness of a life so short yet so profound?? And to Otto, who lost his entire family; yet, continued to smile in so many of the pictures that I saw? What would I say to him if I had a chance to meet him in heaven one day? I can only say that I hope I can live my life with even half of his character and courage. Thank you for this remarkable website that allows me to see the museum from a world away. God Bless.

Amanda L. Angerame, 29 - United States - 3 Jul 2011

When I read this I understood Anne and I felt as if she were my friend. Her diary moved me and I was shattered at the end and how she mostly had no joy in her short life.

Afiza, 11 - London - United Kingdom - 2 Jul 2011

I read the Diary of Anne Frank at school and I heard my Mum & Dad talk of the "little Jewish girl they hid in the attic so the Nazis didn't get her". As a teenager I saw the film and cried my eyes out. My granddaughter (12) knows a Jewish lady who is an Auschwitzch survivor and is fascinated by the stories she tells and about "the Jewish girl in they hid in the attic, called Anne Frank .' This year in June I finally got to visit the Museum in Amsterdam and bought the books for my Granddaughter. I was very moved and sadden that humans can inflict such inhumanity on other humans and especially on innocent children. Anne was a very brave girl and so were her family and their friends.

Judy, 58 - Southport, QLD - Australia - 30 Jun 2011

We read The book of Anne Frank in school. It is a part of histroy that none of us anytime soon should forget. I will put this on a list of things I would like to do. There's so much to be taught and told to us from Anne Frank. I can only try to begin to think about the pain that she went thru at her age. Something that I am sure we have all taken for granted.

Kimberly Linder, 38 - Kansas City - United States - 30 Jun 2011