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Anne had a rough life living in a an annex for 2 years. Hiding from the nazi soldiers. Having a diary to write down day to day things. Living with an another family must have been very hard. To have gone through what she has gone through must be terrible to think about.

Robert, 13 - United States - 3 Jun 2011

This book showed me a lot about what these families went though. I think every kid should read this book so they know what Anne feels like live in a small place. Not having enough food for yourself or your family or not even smelling the fresh air. I think if you read about what they went though you will have a way better understanding about her life.

Nina Christopherson, United States - 2 Jun 2011

i think anne frank spoke fromt the heart ,she didn't want to just have any old diary she put real work into it. she supported everything she believed in her words,and i think many people look up to her no matter what age. i read a play about the story of anne & have learned in school about the holocaust,and it was sad to learn about everything that happened and to actually get an idea and see what it was like in pictures and films. but what happened to anne and her family & friends,was so sad. i still haven't read her diary yet but i plan to this summer [very soon] i like how SOME people can relate or have a connection with anne's thoughts and beliefs,i used to wonder if i could share something similar with anne [as in feelings] and used to think we had nothing in common since she was so out going and i'm not like that,but in emotional ways i think we do. we both stand up fro what we believe in and really dig deep when it comes to writeing. :)

Naomi, 13 - rosemount - United States - 2 Jun 2011

I felt bad for Anne because she had to go up into higing with no out side life. Barley any food, and she had to share a room with a man who she hated. My opinion about Anne is that she was a smart person.And she had a vivid imagination.

Philip Larson, 13 - Rosemont - United States - 2 Jun 2011

i just got done reading the anne frank book and i would hate to say in the house and like never talk or have to walk very solw and not mack a sound and like if that was me i would never beable to do that i would have to have vidoegames and see my friends and all that anne hade to stay away from

Khavan, Guyana - 1 Jun 2011

The anne frank book is one of my favonite books. it shows how it was so hard for anne frank because she didn't get to go outside.She didn't get to see her friends she nad to stare in the attic for 2 years. .he book made me sad and laugh. it was a good book.

Farson, United States - 1 Jun 2011