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Anne, You are remembered with much Love,Deepest Respect and you live In our hearts .Peace and Blessings Always Happy Birthday Anne Christine C

Christine C, 48 - Ontario - Canada - 12 Jun 2011

This story always touches me. Anne was so brave and showed so much hope for what was one of histories darkest moments. Her memory will always live on.

Suzanne, 38 - New MIlford - United States - 12 Jun 2011

anne inspires me alot she was a symbol of love, sacrifice and horrors of nazi persecution . now her diary is part of my life . whenever iam in distress , worry, and dilemma i read anne's diary then i feel happy and cmfortable . she was the one and only person who inspires me and change my life . thank you anne thanks alot

keerthi, 18 - kerala - India - 12 Jun 2011

I read her book many years ago, have read it many times, since I was 8 years old, have read so much about WW!!, I still cry, just thinking about how people did their best friends. How so many people got away with it. The courage of others, it still inspires me to this day. Special people!!!!

Champaigne Hill, 53 - Cincinnati, Ohio - United States - 12 Jun 2011

The first time I read Anne Frank's diary (when I was ten) I cried at the very last pages, where it told you what happened to the Franks, the van Pelses and Mr Pfeffer. I've always felt that Anne has become a part of me and since then I have made up small projects about her. When I'm older, I want to travel to Amsterdam and go into the Secret Annexe.

Shannon Crighton, 12 - United Kingdom - 11 Jun 2011

i first read The Diary of Anne Frank when i was in fifth grade and it still brings tears to my eyes. it is a stroy that has always been on my mind all my life. someday i wish to visit the museum before my life is over.

joseph alejo, 50 - ontario - United States - 7 Jun 2011