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Anne Frank was an inspiration to us all she was in harms way and still found a way to be heard we should take from her and her family bravery and courage and I leave a multitude of thanks for giving me the pleasure to look through your eyes and into your world.

Alisha, 27 - New Orleans - United States - 17 May 2011

Anne Frank story is intresting how she she wrote about her life hiding from Hitler and his soldiers i just want to read it again and again.

haily, 15 - haverhill - United States - 17 May 2011

Anne Frank writes so eloquently for a girl of my age. I have started keeping a diary like Anne so that I can one day be a great writer like she would have been had she survived the horrors of the Holocaust. Thank you for your wonderful website that has helped me immensely during my WWII unit at my school!

Julia, 14 - boston - United States - 17 May 2011

Anne frank is such a brave, wonderful person. i admire what she has done.

Summer, 14 - lacanster - United States - 16 May 2011

Anne Frank such an inspiration even at such a young age..........

Wendy, 27 - Los Angeles - United States - 16 May 2011

i have read the diary at 7yrs old anne is like me in so many ways i related to her because it was looking at myself in another life i;m like her in so many ways i love her as the person she was and evryone thatwas in hiding with her also the helpers she help change the world as we look at it today god bless her and to all that knew her

audrey deagle, inverness - United Kingdom - 16 May 2011