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I visited the house yesterday (April 29, 2011.) I thought I would be emotionally overwhelmed, and would burst into tears, but that did not happen, The very real and mundane -- if terrifying -- existence these people lived, was made real by climbing the stairs and being in their small rooms. The point is that somewhere in the world, some ordinary citizen is hiding from their government as I type this...

David Ebert, 62 - Westford, MA - United States - 30 Apr 2011

The Diary of Anne Frank really spoke to my heart... I cried so much over this little book it was pitiful... But I will say that I would never take back reading it.

Brianna Detwiler, 13 - Quenemo, KS, 66528 - United States - 29 Apr 2011

Thank you for making this site available for those who can't visit the museum. My students were completely engaged and gave even more meaning to her diary.

Erica Medina, United States - 28 Apr 2011

The online 3d experience was amazing. I felt like i was there. I have already made a plan to see the real deal with my wife when I can.

MM3 Nathaniel Aaron Miller, USN Ret., 38 - Phoenix AZ - United States - 27 Apr 2011

When I read Anne's diary as a teenager I could not understand how this could have happened and fifty years later it is still incomprehensible. Such a beautiful girl, so intelligent and talented. It is heartbreaking to know that her life and the lives of many others were destroyed for nothing. Nobody, but nobody, deserved this treatment. Please, never let such evil happen again. Thank you Anne for recording this tragic period in history for us.

Jenny C, 63 - London - United Kingdom - 27 Apr 2011

What a prolific little girl. What a courageous life she lived. What a great story that she lived.

Odin Green, 41 - Seattle,Wa - United States - 26 Apr 2011