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The online 3d experience was amazing. I felt like i was there. I have already made a plan to see the real deal with my wife when I can.

MM3 Nathaniel Aaron Miller, USN Ret., 38 - Phoenix AZ - United States - 27 Apr 2011

When I read Anne's diary as a teenager I could not understand how this could have happened and fifty years later it is still incomprehensible. Such a beautiful girl, so intelligent and talented. It is heartbreaking to know that her life and the lives of many others were destroyed for nothing. Nobody, but nobody, deserved this treatment. Please, never let such evil happen again. Thank you Anne for recording this tragic period in history for us.

Jenny C, 63 - London - United Kingdom - 27 Apr 2011

What a prolific little girl. What a courageous life she lived. What a great story that she lived.

Odin Green, 41 - Seattle,Wa - United States - 26 Apr 2011

Last 15th Of April I took my Daughter that place she was really enjoyed and very interested about Anne Frank ,,She was thinking to go back that place to explore again..also I was notice a lot of childrens around at that time we went,,,This is first time I Been in amsterdam and my Daughter too,,..again we had a fantastic break,,,,with my cousin and my aunty....thanks a lot...

Mrs Alma Petrie, 43 - Hanworth Feltham ,middlesex - United Kingdom - 26 Apr 2011

Although she may be for many, but she is my true inspiration. I have read her diary many times, and it never tires me. Each time I read it, it draws me to feel even closer to her than before. I find that i have many of the same aspirations, and opinions about certain things as she, although I'm sure many people would, but despite that i still feel a strong and thriving connection with her. There is more I'd like to say but people would laugh at me, although I'm sure they will anyway. She will live forever, and I hope many others are inspired by her.

Bianca Fraser, 15 - Nelson - New Zealand - 24 Apr 2011

i read about anne frank when i was 13 and i still read about her i nerver get tired of reading that sad but inspiring book she is strong

bethany, 15 - avon park - United States - 22 Apr 2011