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Very touching.

Shirley, New Zealand - 5 May 2011

Dag. I have been to the Frank House several times. It is wonderful to have such a place that can physically be viewed by people to learn of this time in history. Bedankt!

Jagee' Valentine, 53 - Cibolo - United States - 4 May 2011

Anne is amazing! I want to go to the museum!!

Andrew Jeffries, 13 - Harrisburg,Illinois - United States - 4 May 2011

A fitting tribute site ,and a way of remembering the importance of the tree for Anne- shut away but still able to appreciate the world beyond her.

Annabelle Gray, 66 - Cheltenham - United Kingdom - 4 May 2011

With tears in my eyes I have looked through the pages and hope that this never will have to happen to any one, especially a young child. Thank you for sharing!

Sophia Mulder-de Water, 74 - Morgan Hill - United States - 4 May 2011

Beautifully done!! very inspiring. very much like the political happenings in Libya and the Middle East.

kathryn carlson, 62 - NYC. - United States - 4 May 2011