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Anne Frank is truly an inspiration to me. When I first read her diary when I was 11, I was awestruck about how courageous she was and how she didn't give up on herself. Anne also taught a very important message about persecution and how it affects people in their daily lives. The world can learn so much from Anne, and she also reminds us to be strong and full of courage when faced with personal conflicts. She was also a witness to perhaps one of the worst time periods in history: the Holocaust. Since April is Holocaust Remembrance Month, Anne is a perfect example of someone who had a strong and shining spirit during one of history's most darkest times. Thank you Anne, for your everlasting inspiration and strong spirit.

Erin, 18 - Whittier - United States - 3 Apr 2011

I have directed the play version 4 times and will be directing it again this September. I was enawed after visiting the Annex a few years ago. ANNE does live on!!!

Sally Gladden, 68 - woodridge - United States - 2 Apr 2011

We have been studying Anne's Diary in English class and the students have been so moved by her story. Thank you so much for keeping her legacy alive through the Anne Frank house and this wonderful website.

Ms. Young, Alexandria - United States - 1 Apr 2011

When I had learned that my Opa was a soldier for the German army in WW2, I was deeply saddened. I have read Anne's diary time and time again, and feel ashamed of my grandfather. This can never happen again. We all must work to make sure this generation and the next, knows this horrific story so that no man, woman, or child, ever has to endure this kind of torture. Thank you Anne, for helping open the world's eyes just a bit more.

Spensar Kuster, 23 - Knoxville - United States - 1 Apr 2011

THANK YOU so much anne your very inspiring and i love you even though ii havnt meet you.! and ii wiish you didnt die so early but thats not my choice..#jews are the same as us regular people..!!(:

jalexus, 13 - hOmEwOoD.!(: - United States - 31 Mar 2011

I love the story of anne frank. She was so inspiring!!

Emma, 12 - New braunfels - United States - 30 Mar 2011