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amazing story. <3

Chloe Fleenor, 14 - Orleans Indiana - United States - 21 Apr 2011

I read about Anne frank and was truly shocked that at such a small age she can so wonders like this. I loved her writing and now she is my inspiration !!!

Amit, 14 - Mumbai - India - 21 Apr 2011

I heard about anne frank and the book n bought it at that instant, THE BOOK IS AMAZING. It depicts how the conditions were during that time, it is awesome!

shardul, 15 - Vasai - India - 18 Apr 2011

Her story has touched me and inspired me since I was 14. She was my heroine then and still is, even more now. Anne, I'll always love you.

Ethel Grimes, 50 - Bakersfield - United States - 15 Apr 2011

Anne Frank is an inspiration to me, her diary is amazing and cannot ever understand how someone her age could be so brave. When visiting the museum I had a rush of emotions when I finally got to see her room and her diary what an amazing experice and she will live on forever, and so will her family. Thank you

Jessica Brenton, 21 - Chester - United Kingdom - 14 Apr 2011

the first time,i have learned about anne frank,was when our beloved teacher d.riehm read the book to us in class,in grade 9. it was the most important lesson i have learned in all of my school years. i think about anne often. she is a part of me.

isabell heard, 46 - mascoutah - United States - 10 Apr 2011