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Thank you for writing your diary.

alexis wolfe, 7 - San Diego - United States - 29 Mar 2011

Anne Frank is such an inspiring story. When it talked about gassing the Jews and the Brutal murders I almost cried but yet i didnt.

bob, United Kingdom - 28 Mar 2011

I was so moved by anne's story that i when and got the film and learn how evil it was in the camp's where anne and her mother ans sister died, world war 2 is somthing i will never understand how one person can cause so much pain and suffering my grandad fought the nazis and my mother has told me many storys of how the war affected him, as for anne a wonderful bright girl who has touched my heart xx r.i.p little anne

stacey hill, 30 - manchester - United Kingdom - 28 Mar 2011

The Diary of A Young Girl has left a huge impact on my life. Reading this book taught me a lot about persecution and how terrible it really is. I hope that something like this never happens again, to anyone.

Matthew A., 14 - Belmont, CA - United States - 25 Mar 2011

I changed a little as a person when I learned about Anne Frank. She is the reason I believe that there is a chance for peace. She has taught me that people are all good. Thank you, Anne. You have taught people so much.

Julia, United States - 24 Mar 2011

Anne's diary is moving. I loved the house and the experience. There is always a bit of the diary that you can sort-of relate to. Beautiful. :)

Jack, 12 - Manchester - United Kingdom - 24 Mar 2011