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Anne Frank is an inspiration to me, her diary is amazing and cannot ever understand how someone her age could be so brave. When visiting the museum I had a rush of emotions when I finally got to see her room and her diary what an amazing experice and she will live on forever, and so will her family. Thank you

Jessica Brenton, 21 - Chester - United Kingdom - 14 Apr 2011

the first time,i have learned about anne frank,was when our beloved teacher d.riehm read the book to us in class,in grade 9. it was the most important lesson i have learned in all of my school years. i think about anne often. she is a part of me.

isabell heard, 46 - mascoutah - United States - 10 Apr 2011

I loved the book and the movie and fell in love with Anne Frank.

Melodie Lewis, 50 - Barre - United States - 5 Apr 2011

I was at Anne Franks Museum 3 years ago and it is still my most favorite part of my 2 week trip to The Netherlands. Thank-you for making it a wonderful memory!

Stef C., 21 - Brandon - Canada - 4 Apr 2011

Anne's story makes us realize that no matter how bad things seem to us in our everyday life, at least we are free. It makes me appreciate every day things more than I used too. Thank you Anne, for everything.

Tami McCloud, 46 - Leitchfield, KY - United States - 3 Apr 2011

Anne Frank is truly an inspiration to me. When I first read her diary when I was 11, I was awestruck about how courageous she was and how she didn't give up on herself. Anne also taught a very important message about persecution and how it affects people in their daily lives. The world can learn so much from Anne, and she also reminds us to be strong and full of courage when faced with personal conflicts. She was also a witness to perhaps one of the worst time periods in history: the Holocaust. Since April is Holocaust Remembrance Month, Anne is a perfect example of someone who had a strong and shining spirit during one of history's most darkest times. Thank you Anne, for your everlasting inspiration and strong spirit.

Erin, 18 - Whittier - United States - 3 Apr 2011