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Thanks for the amazing website. I have read the diary when I was twelve and have been fascinated by Anne Frank's story ever since. I am deeply saddened by the tragic ending. The holocaust was hell on earth and I just can't understand how it could happen. I just finished reading "Anne Frank: The life of a young girl" by Carol Ann Lee and foud this website. I particularly enjoyed the virtual tour to the Secrert Annex, I had a chance to visit it in 2002 but the Annex was so vivid witj furniture on the virtual tour. All the other material is also really interesting and well produced - to honour the spirit of Anne Frank! Keep up the good work. I will return to this site.

Minna , 30 - Tampere - Finland - 23 Mar 2011

I have read her diary and have recently watched one version the Anne Frank video. I found it very moving. I find Anne very inspirational. The part which I will always remeber was when she got sepersted from her father. It was horrible and I could not bear it to happen to me. She was an amazing girl and I wish she could have gone to Paris and London. x

Ruby Harlow, 14 - United Kingdom - 22 Mar 2011

I read Anne Frank's diary last year and it was really inspiring. She was just a normal girl and we can all relate to her, but her life got took away along with lots of other jews.

Corrina, 14 - Canterbury - United Kingdom - 22 Mar 2011

Anne Frank is amazing and i can't believe how brave she was going through considering all that went on. I also can't believe how someone can put other people through that much pain! it's just pure evil!!!!!!! Anne Frank and everyone who was a Jew in the concentration camps and everyone who helped the Jews to stay hidden are an inspiration to us all! they will forever be rembered! xx

Amber, United Kingdom - 22 Mar 2011

I learned about Anne Frank at school and I become really interested in her. After reading her famous diary I was in shock. Although her diary was heartbreaking, Anne Frank taught me to look at the world with love and hope. Not everyone is the same and deep within a person there is love. Her hider, Miep Gies is probably one of the most inspirational people who have walked on this earth. She never thought twice about helping the Franks. We need more people like this in the world. Thank you to everyone involved with the Franks. We will never forget you.

Minnie Patel, 17 - Chicago - United States - 20 Mar 2011

I read The Diary of Anne Frank when I was in the 8th grade and shortly thereafter we watched the movie. I was amazed that a black and white film held so many of us at attention. I have always loved history but I love it more from a real person's perspective. She has touched so many and her legacy will touch many more. I doubt I will ever get to see the museum so a huge THANKS to those whose dilligent work went into the restoration and upkeep of the memory of Anne Frank...

Alexis, 26 - Cincinnati - United States - 18 Mar 2011