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Anne Frank's Diary was first introduced to me by my daughter and although I was fascinated by her strength and courage I never gave it a second thought not until I had the chance to visit Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam last November 2006 when I took a course on a scholarship program by NUFFIC in Netherlands. It was only then that I realized how youth and life is wasted by the personal interest of other people. But I would like to thank all the people behind this website and for your noble cause of letting the world know that life is precious and a God given gift and that nobody except HIM has the right to claim other people's life.

Nancy, 54 - Iligan City - Philippines - 18 Mar 2011

What can I say that could make sense of a waste of a life, an amazing girl. I miss you, and in missing you.. it shows you've done something to this tired heart of mine. You did something so right, so good and innocent with your work. I think your courage and discipline should be held high and cherished by us all for as long as we live. The diary is incredibly touching, if you are in heaven I hope you are happy and reunited again with the family.. just the way you were ;)

Phil Campion, 22 - Norfolk England - United Kingdom - 16 Mar 2011

Thank you so very much for the astounding website. I will probably never be able to visit in person, but I have spent many hours visiting online. I had read the Diary of Anne Frank when I was younger, and it affected me with great sadness. Now I have seen dvds too, and have cried again and again. Thank you for the hard work for all people involved.

Patricia Plummer, 65 - Pendleton - United States - 16 Mar 2011

My parents were born in Friesland, The Netherlands. I've always loved to read about Holland. The story of Anne shows me more of the Dutch character: their perseverance, Hope for the best, and their positive attitude. Knowing that she was really German, it shows how similar we all are. 15 March 2011

Harriett Clark, 82 - Moses Lake , Washington - United States - 15 Mar 2011

Anne taught me to look at the world with love and hope, regardless of my life's circumstances; and to never, ever allow injustice to any person regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. She taught me these lessons at a very early age.

LaVerne Wheeler, 63 - Amesbury - United States - 15 Mar 2011

I really enjoyed reading about Margot. There was a very good program on PBS last year on Anne and the family. I could relate to the space shown as their living quarters having been to the Anne Frank Museum. Thanks for keeping the memory of that time alive - it's so very important that we all remember what happened so that it never happens again.

Sue Williams, 67 - Newark - United States - 15 Mar 2011