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i am so happy there is a website about margot and i have to say i love the frank family stories and everything about them i just hope everyone may be at peace i am mad those nazis took such lovely lives and i loved her diary anyways where is hanna ?? and to the remaining frank family hello from canada:

Nadine B, 23 - Vancouver bc canada - Canada - 24 Mar 2011

I have the diary of anne frank and it it so insiering to everyone and to apreciate how we live in these day and not to have to live lik that i have so much apreciation about that. THANK YOU ANNE YOU ROCK!!!! I WILL REMEMBER ANNE!

emily , ottawa - Canada - 23 Mar 2011

Thanks for the amazing website. I have read the diary when I was twelve and have been fascinated by Anne Frank's story ever since. I am deeply saddened by the tragic ending. The holocaust was hell on earth and I just can't understand how it could happen. I just finished reading "Anne Frank: The life of a young girl" by Carol Ann Lee and foud this website. I particularly enjoyed the virtual tour to the Secrert Annex, I had a chance to visit it in 2002 but the Annex was so vivid witj furniture on the virtual tour. All the other material is also really interesting and well produced - to honour the spirit of Anne Frank! Keep up the good work. I will return to this site.

Minna , 30 - Tampere - Finland - 23 Mar 2011

I have read her diary and have recently watched one version the Anne Frank video. I found it very moving. I find Anne very inspirational. The part which I will always remeber was when she got sepersted from her father. It was horrible and I could not bear it to happen to me. She was an amazing girl and I wish she could have gone to Paris and London. x

Ruby Harlow, 14 - United Kingdom - 22 Mar 2011

I read Anne Frank's diary last year and it was really inspiring. She was just a normal girl and we can all relate to her, but her life got took away along with lots of other jews.

Corrina, 14 - Canterbury - United Kingdom - 22 Mar 2011

Anne Frank is amazing and i can't believe how brave she was going through considering all that went on. I also can't believe how someone can put other people through that much pain! it's just pure evil!!!!!!! Anne Frank and everyone who was a Jew in the concentration camps and everyone who helped the Jews to stay hidden are an inspiration to us all! they will forever be rembered! xx

Amber, United Kingdom - 22 Mar 2011