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Dearest Anne, thank you for bringing clarity to your world for us in our time. You have given us inspiration when it was so needed. It has been almost 70 years now, and yet it has not been so long ago. Things were different then, and yet somehow not so different. Because of who you are, you have given the world so much. One day we will get to hear you laugh once again. . .

Randall M. Vasquez, 42 - Denver, CO - United States - 27 Feb 2011

We were reading the book in class and it is the most inspiring story ever. I started to cry when we got to the part where they are arrested.:))

Marisca Opperman , 14 - Kaapstad - South Africa - 27 Feb 2011

Anne Frank was a great person. She lived a wonderful life until Hitler was the chancellor. Poor Anne. I'm reading her diary.

Anna, 10 - United States - 26 Feb 2011

Anne Frank is an inspiration to all who read her diary. She and no other victims of the holocaust should be forgotton

Lauren wilson, 13 - phoenix - United States - 26 Feb 2011

This is a very good book. I have just started it and it is good so far. Anne seemed to have a good life before Hitler came and ruined hers and millions of others. I very much DONT like Hitler and if he was alive I would slap him ( which would probaly end with me being killed :/ ) Thanks Bye

Sierra Sawyers, 12 - Melbourne - Australia - 26 Feb 2011

Right now I am fasinated by Anne Frank. I am currently writing an essay about her for my comp. class. I am amazed by the troubles she went through and her history.

Maddie Jansen, 13 - Granite City - United States - 24 Feb 2011