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Anne taught me to look at the world with love and hope, regardless of my life's circumstances; and to never, ever allow injustice to any person regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. She taught me these lessons at a very early age.

LaVerne Wheeler, 63 - Amesbury - United States - 15 Mar 2011

I really enjoyed reading about Margot. There was a very good program on PBS last year on Anne and the family. I could relate to the space shown as their living quarters having been to the Anne Frank Museum. Thanks for keeping the memory of that time alive - it's so very important that we all remember what happened so that it never happens again.

Sue Williams, 67 - Newark - United States - 15 Mar 2011

Dear Anne, I am currently reading your diary, and I am very impressed as to how smart and a wonderful person you were. Your story will forever be heard and told, you are an inspiration to many people. May you rest in peace.

Freja, 20 - Copenhagen - Denmark - 15 Mar 2011

I have a great appreciation for Anne Frank. The AMAZING girl has changed my life, when I read her diary, her story inspires me so much. I have always wanted to a famous writer and reading her story and how she was so determined has inspired me to be the same. Thank You Anne. You are truly an amazing girl.

Rhiannon-Jane Francis, 16 - Perth, WA - Australia - 15 Mar 2011

Anne Frank is an inspiration to me. I love her outlook on life; how she could see the beauty & feel love, have hope. And especially the courage she had with all that was going on around her. She will be with me always. Thanks to Otto Frank for sharing her thoughts with us & letting her memory live on for ever more.

PoucHIe Teske, Ottawa - Canada - 12 Mar 2011

I love anne frank. I have to do a poster about her and its going to be amazing. Reading her diary makes me wanna cry. Its hard to know what used to happen.

Brittany Cowley, 18 - Cedar Springs - United States - 7 Mar 2011