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I think anne frank is amazing, and the lady that kept her in hiding is a true hero.

Shaqueena, 15 - sioux falls - United States - 8 Feb 2011

I love the virtual tour on the website!:)

Lizzy Trimble, 13 - Moopark - United States - 8 Feb 2011

What Anne and her family went through is tradgic! also along with the other people in that camp. How can people be so nasty and horrible? no-one deserves that.. film is so sad and I have just started the book. really want to visit the camp and where she and family hide. RIP ANNE and others xxx

Delyth Thomas, 20 - wales - United Kingdom - 7 Feb 2011

After visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, I've been inspired to teach the Holocaust in my English class! The online exhibitions are truly helpful in bringing the Anne Frank House to my students, most of whom will never have the opportunity to see it otherwise! Thank you, BC

Beth Calloway, 57 - Hammond - United States - 6 Feb 2011

I visited the house in July as a student ambassador and I couldn't believe how much I had in common with Anne. I will always remember what I witnessed in Amsterdam and tell my children about the girl who should have lived.

Kalitta Kauffman, 15 - Cullman - United States - 3 Feb 2011

I have always known about Anne Frank, having learned about her at school and through television. Today I visited the Touring Exhibition at North Berwick High School, East Lothian, Scotland. It was an interesting and thought provoking visit, it made me extremely sad to think she was the born the same year as my mother, who is still alive, who lived during WWII and how different her life has been to that of Anne. This must never be allowed to happen again, we are all one species and discrimination is wrong. Keep the tour going, we must never forget otherwise Anne's suffering will have been in vain.

Margaret Jenkins, 50 - Aberlady East Lothian - United Kingdom - 2 Feb 2011