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This is a very good book. I have just started it and it is good so far. Anne seemed to have a good life before Hitler came and ruined hers and millions of others. I very much DONT like Hitler and if he was alive I would slap him ( which would probaly end with me being killed :/ ) Thanks Bye

Sierra Sawyers, 12 - Melbourne - Australia - 26 Feb 2011

Right now I am fasinated by Anne Frank. I am currently writing an essay about her for my comp. class. I am amazed by the troubles she went through and her history.

Maddie Jansen, 13 - Granite City - United States - 24 Feb 2011

The hiding place was interesting!

Mandy Kaur, 13 - downingtown - United States - 23 Feb 2011

Anne's story is so inspirational. It deserves to be passed on to generations to come, and to be loved by it's many readers. May her courage and bravery be remembered!

Lauren Pileggi, Sudbury - Canada - 20 Feb 2011

I find Anne Frank to be an AMAZING Person, her story is truly inspiring and brings tears to my eyes. When I first read the book The Diary Of Anne Frank, I was touched by her story later went on to see the movie and also visited the Museum of Tolerance in which I learned more about the Holocaust. My next goal in life is to visit her museum, young Anne Frank touched Millions of hearts all over the world and her spirit will always be kept alive.

Vanessa, 21 - California - United States - 19 Feb 2011

Anne Frank was a vrey nicve person. And lived a hard life.

kaitlyn , 13 - chester springs - United States - 17 Feb 2011