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anne is a good kid

bob, 85 - downingtown - United States - 17 Feb 2011

I think that this is a great website.

Tommy McCandless, United States - 17 Feb 2011

I just watched the movie from Masterpiece Classic about Anne. I, too would love to be able to visit the house. Perhaps after my retirement. Anne's spirit is amazing.

Barb Wood, 57 - Floyds Knobs, In - United States - 16 Feb 2011

Last summer, I had the privelige to visit the Anne Frank House museum. It was a very moving experience. previous to my visit, I had read her diary, and written a paper about her. I am very interested in the history of WWII and everyone who was a part of it. Thank You for preserving this important piece of history.

Anna Broadaway, 16 - Bono - United States - 15 Feb 2011

I think this website is great. This is just what Anne wanted, to be noticed for being the shining star she was.

Kit, 12 - Glendale - United States - 15 Feb 2011

I was given a copy of Anne's story when I was 2 years younger than she was when she went into hiding. I never put it down and read it over and over until it fell apart. Anne Frank was an amazing young woman with such a free spirit. She knew she would be famous one day but I doubt she realized just how much she would touch millions of hearts world wide. Anne Frank was a true gift and blessing to humanity everywhere. My biggest dream ever is to visit her museum....I will get there one day...

Amanda, 31 - Valley Springs - United States - 14 Feb 2011