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Anne Frank has inspired many people to write and keep diaries. Even I am one of those people. Just to think that her dream as a writer came true, but she was not around to see the progress she has made. If only the holocaust had not been so deadly, she could have gotten what her idea of a writer was. But sadly she is not here to share her own glory.

orla, pittsburgh - United States - 13 Feb 2011

we value dear little anne and all holocast victims

mary margaretkujawa, 65 - north st. paul - United States - 11 Feb 2011

Thank you for this amazing website. My students have enjoyed the website during our lesson on the Holocaust and Anne Frank. Thank you for bringing this for the world to see! You have made this such a great learning experience for us all.

Kelli Potter, San Antonio, Texas - United States - 10 Feb 2011

Just today... I have visited the Anne Frank exhibition at the Castille Vaults in Valletta, Malta... Anne Frank did it again... every time I read a quote by her... every time I see her smiling face in pictures... every time I am reminded... I am humbled. Men has turned its back on other men for centuries. Men has fought this for centuries. Anne Frank made a difference.

Jimmy John Mary Vella, 25 - St Paul's Bay - Malta - 10 Feb 2011

I first read Anne's story as a young boy and have never forgotten it.How sad was it that she had to die so young and never get to see and do all that she wanted to do in her life.It is a shame that what she said about the world changing some day has not come to pass,as we see all the pain and suffering that all the mad radicals in the world in this modern times are inflicking on their fellow humans.Rest in peace Anne.

David Francis McGowan, 65 - Ruse/Sydney Australia - Australia - 10 Feb 2011

I think anne frank is amazing, and the lady that kept her in hiding is a true hero.

Shaqueena, 15 - sioux falls - United States - 8 Feb 2011