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Growing up, Anne Frank's story had a major impact on me, and who I am today. As any other teenager, that to living in a multi-cultural society, you battle racism and blatant discrimination, and trying to decipher wrong from right everyday. There are so many ways to be easily misguided, and one of the most valid reasons for why I apperciate Anne's diary so much is because it's through her writing and her story, you can truly see the evil of war and the lasting impact discrimination can have. It is through Anne's diary that people can really be educated to fight against discrimination, which is something we face everyday. Perhaps not to the extent Anne had to face, but even the holocaust started out as social discrimination. Social discrimination and judgement is such a valid topic even today, and something us younger generation can easily fall into, if under peer pressure or other such influence. But it's Anne's diary, Anne's tragic story, through which humanity can really be considered priceless and important. That is why I support Anne's diary, and the museum, and all things anti-hate. I had the privillege of visting the Anne Frank House last summer, and I was so pleased when I saw that the message Anne and Otto Frank had been trying to convey all along had been preserved: Spreading open-mindedness. I loved that the world, even though can be dark, had such a proud and powerful asset to battle moral challenges and discrimination. It made me feel proud and lucky to visit, and proud and lucky to have known her story, and proud and lucky for it to have been such a important part of my life. Someday, I hope to work at the Anne Frank Museum, to promote it's message, and truly feel like I am a part of something so pure and magical, and that I've helped all that I can in promoting it. God Bless the Anne Frank House.

Geetika Kaur Bhasin, 15 - Singapore City - Singapore - 29 Jan 2011

I visited the Holocaust museum in D.C. and got to see and talk to a Holocaust surviver! it was amazing

Camille, 15 - United Kingdom - 28 Jan 2011

I read the Anne Frank diary when I was a 7th grader, I never accomplished reading it until the ending of my 8th grade year. This year me being in 10th grade I was asked to write a paper of a person that had impacted the world and I am choosing Anne Frank. This young girl changed many lifes in so many ways. I know she has changed mine. She was very brave for the age she was and she makes me be thankful for everything that I have. I am reading the book agaun because it is so powerful, just her story is and how this happened to her. I think it's very sad. I am also glad that her story was published because it gives people an inside look of who this girl was and how she suffered. I think it's amazing how I feel so bad for her and I never really meet her you know. I know Anne Frank is in peace now and I know she is in heaven and thanks God for giving us brave children like her. R.I.P. Anne Frank.

Erika Mendoza, 16 - Sterling - United States - 24 Jan 2011

I recently toured the Holocaust Mesuem in Washington, DC and purchased "Anne Frank, the Diary of a Young Girl" and read it. A great inspiration and she will be forever remembered.

Lawrence L Winans, 59 - Leavittsburg, Ohio - United States - 23 Jan 2011

i read the book and watched the movie so sad in end god bless her

zain mumtaz, stockholm - Sweden - 20 Jan 2011

This is an amazing cllection of Anne Frank information. The interactive Secret Annex tour was not only informational but also fun. It made writing my WWII report much easier.

Nicholas, 14 - Worcester - United States - 19 Jan 2011