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Anne, you are a great inspiration! I hope to visit your house someday.

Alessandra Soares, 24 - São Paulo - Brazil - 13 Jan 2017

It was perfect, thank you for the experience!<script>alert("ups")</script>>

Matthew Brown, London - United Kingdom - 10 Jan 2017

I just finished "The Diary of a Young Girl". I thank you for your bravery, Anne.

Nadia Oribio, 37 - Honolulu - United States - 8 Jan 2017

i want to go to her house when i visit amsterdam because she looks like my imaginary friend and i read various books of her. When i was had a good dream of my mom and I went to inside and we went up to see her real family and we hugged them.

Mya Lewis, 17 - richmond - United States - 5 Jan 2017

I read the book when i was 14 years ago. It left quite an impression on me.

Aafke, 69 - Camarillo - United States - 3 Jan 2017

It is amazing how brilliant Anne was. World's greatest poet.

Harry Hubbard, 57 - Iuka - United States - 18 Dec 2016