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Anne is extremely inspiring

Joseph, 14 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

She is an inspiration to us all.

Dale Varney, 67 - Port St Lucie - United States - 28 Feb 2017

I have read Anne's diary, I have watched films but today when I visited the museum I felt anne and her family come to life. I was so moved and loved every minute of the tour. Never forget and may this never happen again

Suzanne young, 54 - BLACKBURN - United Kingdom - 28 Feb 2017

Anne Frank's diary is testament to how precious our normal, every day life is. We must never forget the need to stand together as human beings regardless of race or religion - we must protect our society and our values, now more than ever.

Lucy Ingham, 38 - Harrogate - United Kingdom - 28 Feb 2017

They tried to kill you, but instead they made you immortal

Stefano Schintu, 48 - Basel - Switzerland - 26 Feb 2017

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tess, 45 - uk - United Kingdom - 25 Feb 2017