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I started learning about Anne Frank's diary when i was 15 years old that was when i read the book and now i am 23 and reading it again, this book is so amazing and so deep she had so much hope and so many dreams like any teenager now and in the past I found myself deeply greving about this girl that i have never met in my life but just reading about her and watching the movies about her and after her arrest it just saddens me on how much evil there was....excuess me not "was" there still is. someday I wish to go visit the Anne Frank house when i go to Europe, visiting this brave young girls home is on my bucket list. may you rest in peace Anne Frank. you are a kind sweet girl

Brigitte Cordova, 23 - Austin - United States - 19 Jan 2011

I really can feel the peace there in the museum. I am reading her diary and it is such an inspiration to me. I favor ann and for all that she went through.

Seroja, 14 - Spring City - United States - 17 Jan 2011

Anne Frank is such an inspiration for me. To think that she was just my age when she went into hiding and was forced to live with her family and people that she didn't like very much. She was so AMAZiNG & BRAVE :) And I can't think of anyone else that could manage a life like that at the beginning of their teenage life. I read her diary MANY TiMES :) and she also inspired me to write a diary. You're never to old to write in a diary;) --

Vanesa <3, 14 - Arlington - United States - 16 Jan 2011

Anne means so much to me and her words have helped me profoundly. Thank you, Anne.

Amber, 18 - Barnley - United States - 12 Jan 2011

I really like the book it happens to be my book of the month and some of my friends and i were talking about how deep the book is and how we felt that she may have fallen in love with someone at a young age just by reading the 1st two diary entries.

Skylar Hales, 13 - New York - United States - 11 Jan 2011

I LEARNED ABOUT THIS TIME IN SCHOOL LAST YEAR WE TALKED ABOUT THE DIARY but this year we read it in class and it filled me with all type of emotion Anne and her family i am so proud of them for surviving how they did and Otto Frank really surprised me he was able to live after all of this the Franks put us all to shame as people

bob, 14 - central - United States - 10 Jan 2011